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Hola readers!
So today begins my End of Year Link-Up Fun. Technically we're going to learn all about each other's year and how it went, favorites, memories, pics, etc.
I'm looking forward to having you join in!
How it works:
Copy and past this post (deleting my answers) onto your own post on your blog.
Add my blog link to the post so others can join in and see what's going on.
Answer the questions as best as you know how, adding pictures, music videos, and other fun stuff as you like.
Link back to here in a comment with your blog post link, and I will add it to this post, and following ones as long as the link up is still on . This means you can see who is in the link-up.
Check out their blogs if you so desire. I'm hoping this will help find some amazing blogs to follow and enjoy!

Rules (copy and paste these):
1. You must have a link to Kara's post on your End of Year Link-Up Fun post, and the above picture
2. Answer the questions. You can just do half, all of them, whatever! ☺
3.Comment here on Kara's blog with a link to your post so she can add you to the link-up
4.Invite someone to join in (choose a blogger who'd you'd really enjoying seeing the answers from)
5. Have fun!

The questions....
Favorites of 2015...

Movie (post the trailer): I will go with "Unbroken". I saw it twice and really enjoyed it, and it's so good!

TV Show (post the trailer): Merlin BBC was my favorite this year, but I have to say at first I wasn't a huge fan. It is a cheesy show but worth my summer (I saw it every night all from June to August). I also enjoyed Sherlock too but it feels more like a movie series....

Book: "No Place to Hide" from Lynette Eason, though this year I've been all over the Christy books (the teen ones, college years, and married years). They make me cry, and I consider them some of the best books ever written. Seriously, you haven't read a good book until you've tried these!

Song (post that too because then we can listen to it): "The Last Goodbye" from Billy Boyd. Talk about the tears and emotions that comes with this song! But also "Say Amen" continues to be my favorite...

Actor: Martin Freeman maybe this year, because he does just an incredible job as an actor.

Band: Abandon is by far one of the most amazing bands ever, but to be a little different I'm going to go with Sidewalk Prophets. Their song really helped me come to grips with some certain things in my life.

Music Artist: Josh Wilson

Movie/TV show couple: Jack and Elizabeth from "When Calls the Heart".

A year in review....

Something I accomplished in 2015...
Umm learning 50% of spanish is one. Duolingo is still saying I need to work on it, so I'm better off to say getting my license. It was one of my goals for 2015 and something I am very relieved to be through with. I love driving but I'm glad I can say 50 hours is in.

Something I hope to accomplish next year...
Finishing the edits of "When Evil Reigns". This has taken THREE years (almost) to write/edit/critique and I'm ready to call it quits. I still feel God telling me to strive on however, so I've not given up (yet).
I also want to learn more about Jesus, seeking His will in my life. I'm going to try to memorize over ten verses if possible (maybe a whole chapter in Psalms), and finish the book of Psalms in January or February.

Go ahead and post 3 favorite candid shots from 2015...

OK so I have really no "good" 2015 candid shots that I know of. Most of them look like picture #3 (the one of my brothers). They see I'm taking a picture and act silly. The first two are two of my faves that I snapped this year, but there is SOOO many more I could add! Really, I chose these at random.

What is some things you did that you always said that you'd never do? Watch Merlin (I never liked movies with wizards, and the show just looked weird), watch Sherlock, actually enjoy driving on the interstate, get an A on a test.

What I look forward to in 2016:
Hopefully seeing Alyssa and meeting my dear friend Naomi! I'm so excited about this, and praying it works out. You will see posts about this if we do meet!!!
Also I really want a job, and I'm excited to see how the Lord will provide. ☺

So there's the tag. What do you think? There isn't a giveaway or anything to go along with this post (I wish I could say there was), but hopefully you'll still want to join in even if there isn't any prizes. ☺

People joining the link-up fun.....


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  1. This is a neat idea. I do something similar along the lines to this every year, though it's not a link up. I love Merlin. I don't think it's cheesy though. XD Merlin and Arthur are adorbz. Also Sherlock is amazing. It's my favorite Sherlock Holmes version ever!


    1. I should have mentioned that AT FIRST it was cheesy (or at least I thought). By season 3 I was over-joyed and loved every minute! =)
      Sherlock is awesome hands down and BBC is mt favorite version too! I actually have seen zero other visions so yeah, I'm a bit biased. But who is better then Martin Freeman?!

  2. This looks really fun! I look forward to doing it.

  3. This was fun to do Kara Lynn! You can see my post here:


  4. Here's my post:
    Thanks for hosting it!


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