Five Things to Do When God Gives You a God-Sized Dream

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Hola everyone!
My friends, family, people I've just met - many are finding that they have a God-sized dream. As in God-sized I mean a dream that you know God has put in your mind, a goal, that is waayyy too big for just one person (or maybe any persons) to do alone.
This dream is probably scary,  or exciting, or something that people may find strange, etc, etc, etc. A lot of emotions can run with this. Believe me - I know.
Right now I have a few of those God-sized dreams, and that's why I'm writing this list. Hopefully it can help you because it's some of the things that helped me...

1. Pray about it

This list is in a particular order for good reason! When you get any sort of dream, goal, exciting idea, always take it to God first. There is no way to know if you should do it or not unless you have a chat with the guy who rules all.
He's the only one who can truly answer every question, give you the reassurance you need, and let you know if you're making the right choices or not. Slowly I'm learning to be a free-spirit and independent, but I need to make sure that I'm always dependent on God.

2. Reshape your thinking

Sometimes God gives us a dream that is totally something we'd never thought of before! Maybe you've planned on going to college and now you feel God saying wait. Maybe you wanted to be a pro skateboarder but God wants you to be a writer. Maybe you dreamed of being a teacher but God wants you to be a missionary.
Sometimes God's dream isn't our's, and it can be scary! Now what?
 This is where reshaping your thinking comes in. You need to find out what you want vs. what God wants. He's the man with the plan and you should try to learn everything you can from Him first before you jump into this thing.
Make sure you're doing something because He wants you to, not because it's what you've assumed you'd be doing all along.

3. Talk to a friend or someone you know with a similar vision

There is nothing like a long conversation with someone who doesn't find your dream completely crazy! I dream of being a writer and so I write, but talking about my characters, my plot, everything with my sister who can sometimes get excited as I am is such fun and keeps me going. I also have some writing friends who constantly ask, "so how's writing coming along?". They help me if I'm down, feel my pain when a character dies, and we have fun word wars, fangirl over each other's storyboards, etc.
It's good knowing I'm not the only one, and we help each other when times get tough. So make sure (if you're able) you can have something like this. You need encouragement!
Join a group, talk to a friend, call a family member!

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.
For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 

4. Learn about your dream

You want to be a writer? Read books that our especially for writers! Want to adopt kids? Read some autobiographies, watch a documentary, talk to some people who've done it - soak it up.
Warning though: don't get so caught up in your dream that you forget Who gave it to you.  
I've done this. I feel God saying something and I jump all in. Sometimes however, we need to hold back. Maybe that dream you have won't take place for the next twenty years - who knows, right?!
Make sure you know what God wants of your time. Maybe He just wants you to go about your life for now and do what you're doing, but then again maybe not.
Maybe that dream will take place next month. This brings me back to #1 - always pray (and read your Bible), then go from there.

5. Take that flying leap

So you've prayed hard and long, you've reshaped your thinking toward God's, you've gotten advice from your bestie, and learned all you can about this goal, this seemingly impossible God-sized dream. Now what?
If God is saying now then go! Don't hold back - follow what the Creator of all is telling you. Jump head first into the unknown and go with confidence that God has the better plan. He's the guide on this crazy journey and He will help you jump the impossibly big hurtles.
You may feel alone at times when people find your God-sized dream a tad crazy, but God doesn't. He put it in your head for a reason, and He'll not leave your side.
He's the teacher, behind-the-scenes- worker, the guide, provider, comforter - what more can you ask for?
Trust God and go forth!
And if He says wait, then wait. Trust that He knows what He's doing. Continue to pray, learn what you can, read your Bible, and strive to follow Him. Don't lose heart - I know that you are capable of anything with the loving hand of God guiding you!

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