Real Stories. Real Faith. {Nameless Writer}

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I've renamed this series to "Real Stories. Real Faith." and today I am so excited to share Nameless Writer's story and for you to read it! Check out her blog here, which is very lovely, and please take the time to read her testimony below!

Hello there. I'm a nameless writer and also a proud daughter of the King. Christianity is definitely not a bed of roses and as I think back through my whole life following Him, I realized that the amazing thing with being a Christian, the most awesome and breath-taking thing is that through every single pain and hardship, every single storm and tribulation, I was never alone. And one thing I learned is that it's okay. Trials are not always bad. Because it's through the darkest times that He shines brightest. 

I was born into a Christian family. My parents were and are devout Christians, taking religion very very seriously. I did what I was supposed to do, went where my parents led me. Church became a part of my life, and all was good.

But something happens when you grow up, when you become a teenager. I turned cynical. I started questioning everything and anything. Why was the Bible true? What if God was never real? I lived behind a mask. In church, I served with a smile and forced myself to think that I enjoyed it. 

But, really. I didn't. I didn't care about God, didn't bother about his lordship; I wanted to reject Him to curse Him. Living behind a facade could have been one of the most difficult times of my life. I started living two lives, three lives, four lives. And it was so tiring. 

But God happened. And sure, He'd been there since day one, He had been there when I went church or when I had prayed. But the relationship wasn't real. It was like I was in a room and He was on the outside. Sure, we talked, but His voice was muffled, quiet, with the wall blocking me from Him. I lived thinking I was good enough, when I needed Him I would press my ears onto the door and prayed, never daring to open the door. And when I didn't need his help I would run away from Him and live the life I wanted to live. 

Opening my heart's door for the King was beautiful. It does not make you perfect, but it changes you. My other lives faded and my identity was found in HIM. 

My testimony isn't anything to deserve a big firework show. There wasn't a big BOOM or some insane experience that drew me to Him. My story was a slow one. A constant knocking, an insistent prayer, a simple pushing open of the door.

I love Him and I'm proud to rest in His strong and caring embrace. 

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  1. thanks dear<3 this is such such an honor! happy to be part of this amazing series :)

  2. Thank you for sharing, nameless writer! I loved reading your story. ♥ God bless!
    ~ S. F.


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