Thin Ice from Irene Hannon {a book review}

8:23 AM

Thin Ice from Irene Hannon
Publishing date: 2016
Publisher: Revell 

Hola readers!
I certainly never planned to do two reviews in one day, but none the less I had to get the Sherlock movie off my chest (it will be posted shortly), and Thin Ice needed to be reviewed pronto.
Thin Ice is about Christy Reed, a lady dealing with so much grief in life that many wonder why it doesn't cripple her. She is left alone when her sister is murdered, her parents having died in a car accident six months earlier.
Life is feeling normal as possible when suddenly Christy get's a note in the mail from her deceased sister. And it proclaims she is alive!
FBI special agent Lance agrees to open the case back up, but the deeper the two dig the more questions then answers they get. Not only that but they're getting over their head - while Christy is searching for her sister, her sister's kidnapper and supposed killer, is searching for her. And he wants her dead.
I have been reading a lot of books and seeing a lot of these type of suspense novels out there of late, and this one does not disappoint!
We are thrown in a mystery written beautifully by Ms. Hannon, with clues, a twisted plot, and just when you think you have a questioned answered, more come. This is a read you will want on your shelf if you love Christian suspense!
There is a touch of romance but nothing too mushy, danger, adventure, and all that good stuff, and you don't even realize that this is a second book! The writing style definitely feels real, and I can tell that Ms. Hannon has had experience in this genre (which I know she has), and you can feel that experience as you read.
I also liked the fact that by the middle/end of the book we were in the mind of the man behind it all, and we could see what he was thinking, know his next move before the characters do. This is done a lot in the suspense books I've read, but I liked the twist. We also get the point of view from one of his victims, the stakes being raised, knowing what the man wants and what he's capable of.
The plot is definitely dark at times because of this though, so I feel this is one of the "heavier" suspense novels I've read. It still was good if you enjoy that kind of thing, and it being Christian is a plus because you don't have to worry about language or that sort of thing.
I was satisfied with the end, and it was done wonderfully!
Thank you Revell for this fun read that I got for free in exchange for the review!

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