Something I've Been Going About All Wrong

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I tend to fear making gigantic choices in my life. Yeah sure trusting God is something lately I need to do more of, but there is something that I needed to realize, something I needed to take to heart.
I read my Bible everyone morning and started reading about all these people who didn't trust God to work things about for them (Jonah is one of them). We all see that God wanted Jonah to go to the people of Nineveh and warn the people what would happen if they didn't turn from their evil ways. We see that that was God plan.  We see that nothing would stop it.
Jonah didn't. He feared what God told Him to do and ran. He thought the God who sees all wouldn't find him. After a storm and some pretty far from normal happenings Jonah still ended up right where God wanted Him.
Not even after Jonah was eaten by a fish did God's plan stop. God didn't allow some bad choices to cease His plan for Jonah's life.
BOOM! I suddenly realized all along what I had been thinking that had been SO wrong. No matter what decision I make, no matter where I go, will ever change what God has in store for me.
I use to be afraid of going overseas or moving because I thought I'd miss something. What if I chose something other then what God really wanted, hearing Him wrong and making a decision different then His plan? Would suddenly that man I was meant to marry be gone forever because of something I did (like I didn't get to meet him because I moved far away)? Would suddenly I not get a job like I was supposed to if I took the one right in front of me now? Would the months I wasted on dumb stuff throw off God's amazing plan? What about....? The list could go on.
Nothing is not part of God's plan, or at least isn't a surprise to Him. God uses anyone's seemingly dumb mistakes and continues to use them until the end of time. Not only that but your story is already written in a lovely book and you're just reading it a bit at a time. That means when you feel God telling you to do something and you do it, yet it doesn't work out, doesn't mean it wasn't meant to be.
God has it under control. He's not worried. 
While you still must seek Him in everything you do and must still follow Him - I'm not asking you to go ahead and do whatever you want - you can be more at peace when you take a leap of faith and do whatever it is you feel called to do.

For the LORD of hosts has purposed, and who will annul it? His hand is stretched out, and who will turn it back? Isaiah 14:27

Now how do you know when God is speaking? You feel a peace about it. You know. That's all I can say.
While I know it's not very helpful, I do know that accepting that whatever choice you make won't effect God's plan for your life is very helpful and reassuring. 
Just seek Him and take a leap of faith. 
Go on knowing that nothing stops Him. It's not easy....I could talk at random tons of choices I made that weren't in line with what is right. But He's using that too.
It's so amazing to have a God that uses both mistakes and good choices!

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand. Proverbs 19:21

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4 of your thoughts

  1. Kara, thanks for this refreshing reminder! I know what it feels like to be bombarded with so many different options, not knowing what decision to make, being scared to make a big decision, etc. This is something I've been thinking about lately!

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

    1. Yes, a lot of decisions have been thrown my way of late but gradually I'm learning how to turn to God and hear Hid voice. Still not a easy thing to do - actually be 100% that it is what God is saying - but I'm growing. =)
      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Trying to listen to God's voice in the midst of our everyday confusion is hard, but once you trust and give your life to Him, the journey begins.

    I was thinking about a Bible verse that I have on my wall, it says, "Jesus replied, '"You don't know what I'm doing now, but someday you will."' (John 13:7) It reminds me of times when I didn't know what God was doing, but I just had to trust and stick through, learning from my mistakes.

    I hope that this blesses you and I pray that you will trust and hear God's voice more. Have a wonderfully blessed week.

    Allie D.

    1. Thank you so much Allie! The Bible verse is exactly what I've needed to hear over these past few days! Through the ups and downs in life that is something to remember!


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