They're Not Too Far Gone

8:00 AM

Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. Isaiah 59:1

I think we can easily look at the Bible and think of perfect characters who walked down the straight and narrow, perfectly following God's will. We feel small and terribly sinful in comparison.
At least that can be the image that can sometimes take over for me. But that's not the case - the Bible is filled with people who didn't lead perfect lives and even had trashy mouths before seeing Jesus.
One of my favorite stories to read in the Bible is about Paul. I think he is the biggest example for me and the biggest inspiration.
I see so many people around me who seemed far too gone, unreachable and distant. They're the atheist, the homosexuals, the drug addict, the porn addicts, the crazy politicians, ISIS, and even some friends.......the too far gone's.
The thing is I tend to dwell on who He's yet to save, and forget who God has touched already and that He can read the distant people. He isn't disgusted by our broken hearts, He doesn't let go when the moment is too violent, and He never let's darkness completely consume. He never let's us become too far gone.
And Paul is a fine example of that.
I think of what happens in other countries with the persecution of Christians, the terrorist killing, the wars and those enemies seem just too much. They seem untouchable.
And that was Paul.
He killed Christians, watched the stoning of a man and never blinked. He threw people in jail for what they believed and it never phased him.
And then God changed Paul's life and turned him completely around. The disciples were so shocked they actually didn't believe Paul at first, (it's like a leader of ISIS coming over to the US and expecting us to believe his heart has changed and he wants to proclaim the gospel).
The thing is God's touching power has no limitations, and I think I can so easily forget that. I forget how powerful He really is. I can become so comfortable in my own life that I forget what it means to follow Him with all my heart.
I forget that He can change the lives of those around me. I do see it. I've seen people in my church, in my grandparent's church, changed because they see Jesus' love chasing them and not backing down.
But even when I see I can easily forget when I'm trying to show someone Jesus. It can be frustrating when they won't see and refuse to believe.
But we can't let that overcome us - and I know that's not easy.
See, we forget that it's not our job to make them Christians. We have to see our work alone is useless and it's all Jesus. Sometimes all we can do is show them His love without the preachy words. Maybe they won't go to church or read the Bible. Maybe you shining Jesus' love simply in action  and prayers will be the only thing you can do. You have to be OK with that because sometimes God is just waiting to work, and sometimes He needs you to step aside for a moment.
I know that's not easy, but never forget what God has done in lives. Don't forget He can change hearts and lives and that you nor anyone else is ever too far gone!

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