Like a River From Its Course {A Review}

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Like A River From Its Course by Kelli Stuart 
Publisher: Kregel 
Publishing Date: 2016

All around Ukraine is torn, a country is bloodied from the horrific events of Word War II. Chaos rose up everywhere and for many survival became the only goal.
We meet...
 Frederick who is struggling to become the German soldier that would make his father proud - one capable of violence and preserving the Aryan race. He struggles to continue, the gun harder to lift to the face of his enemies - it isn't as easy as he once dreamed.
Ivan - a father, a protector of a little girl - and a survivor of the death pits.
Luda - a victim of rape. A girl bearing a Nazi baby and falling in love with another German. Her family will never understand.
And more characters whose stories weave in and out. And it's a horrific as it is realistic yet beautifully written.
I didn't know what to expect from Like a River From Its Course - I don't think I've even read a book by the Kregel publication.
Let me just say - this read is not to be missed. You will be awed, blown away, and driven into the Ukraine world full force and head on. There's no going back. I don't think I've turned pages in a World War II novel so quickly.
This one is moving as it is horrible. We see the war from many perspectives, and while one would assume it'd be hard to keep track of who's who and all that which comes with a wide range of characters, Kelli Stuart does it so well that you barely notice.
The characters are likable and I think Luda and her German were my favorite parts of the story. It ached similarly to The Summer of my German Soldier - another good story.
There's violence but not gory - just making it real. There's love. There's death. There's the pain of the war.
All World War II fans should read Like a River From Its Course. Hands down, pick this thing up and take the time to read it. You'll be inspired people - just wait and see.
Actually anyone, no matter who you are, should take this glimpse into the lives of those who were impacted greatly by war. We shouldn't forget history and I think with Mz. Stuart's book, she's helping make that possible.

Just a little note: There is violence, a rape scene (not graphic), and cr*p as well as possibly (I could be wrong), d**n once.

I got this book free from Litfuse in exchange for writing my review.

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