Sometimes It's The Little Things

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It's easy to think that what we're doing isn't making an impact. It's feels so small, so unimportant. We go about our day and wonder if this could possibly make a difference tomorrow, if we're even touching anyone's lives. What if we just quit? Would anyone notice?
Or perhaps you feel God saying to message a friend a word of encouragement.  You doubt and your fingers only hover over the keyboard for a short moment. Would your small words even put a dent in her struggles? Would she even care?
You want to make a difference but a big one. Simply getting up and going to work seems mundane and just not enough. Sometimes life just feels pointless.
Let me tell you something.
Sometimes it's the little things that pack a true punch. Sometimes it's the little things that shine the brightest in a person's darkest moment.

It can make a difference in her day if you smile at the sad little girl holding her Mom's hand at the checkout in Walmart

It can make a difference to tell your friend that you've got their back

It can make a difference to send an encouraging song to someone who needs it

It can make a difference to teach the Sunday School at your church that hardly has any kids

It can make a difference when you offer to babysit a mother's kids for free

It can make a difference when you tell your little brother you'll read to him for a moment even though you have study for a test in college

It can make a difference when you send someone a birthday card with a whole page of encouragement instead of posting it onto their facebook wall

It can make a difference when you simply choose to listen to a hurting friend and say absolutely nothing but allow them to rant

It's the fact that you're giving them your time and not expecting anything in return. It's shining Jesus' light in the little things going on around you. Sure, it's awesome to go out and give Jesus your summer. Going overseas on a missions trip can be life-changing. Joining an internship for six months to battle human trafficking is huge.
But sometimes for you that's not an option.
You'll left alone at home just trying to get your head above the water, and that's when you only have time for the little things. But believe me, sometimes that can make the most difference.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this post, Kara! It's beautiful and so true. <3

    1. Aww thank you Christine!!!!! How is your lovely self doing?

  2. This is such a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us, Kara. :)

    I tagged you for the quote tag--
    Hope you have fun!
    ~ S. F.

    1. And thank you S.F for being your lovely self and giving such a sweet comment!!!!!


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