Wild Heart {Cd Review}

7:39 AM

Wild Heart from Urban Recue
Released: 2016

Hola readers!
The last time I wrote a CD review was probably when I started this blog at the age of twelve. Today I am here with a brand new Urban Rescue CD in front of me, "Wild Heart". I was super excited for this to arrive because youtube has been my go-to place for their songs before the CD released this year.
How could I not review this fantastic piece of work by an amazing artist?!
So here we go......

First of all let me just say - this is a very pretty CD cover!!! Without even getting to the songs I knew this was something special, and it just goes so well with the feel of the songs from Urban Rescue. The nature pictures inside are gorgeous!
Not only that but under each of the 11 songs there is Bible verses where the songs originated from. I love that we're not only listening to inspiring music but something from the Bible. It's neat!

Their first song starts off with a great song - not my favorite on the CD - but a very beautiful song - "Alive in You." I loved the tune, the feel - an overall beautiful start to "Wild Heart". (I know I just beautiful twice in one sentence but I don't care - the word needs to be said in this review!). ☺

The CD varies in the type of music, from a worship feel in "Your Name", to songs where you want to dance (as in Kaleidoscope) to haunting lyrics, and even a rap piece mixed in with a very worshipful song in "Up From The Ashes".

My favorite song is a very hard thing to pick! I first was introduced to Urban Rescue when listening to Your Name, and I have to admit this is one I listen to most. I love the part where it talks about Jesus being the healer of our deepest scars, Father of my broken heart - that just really spoke to the hurting part of me. I needed to hear that song when I struggled the most in my tween and early teen years.

Overall Wild Heart is one CD to buy this summer - no matter who you I recommend this!!! This is worship music at its best!
A HUGE thumbs up to Urban Rescue for giving us a piece of heaven with their inspiring worship songs!

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