Sherlock Season 4 Teaser Trailer Reaction

7:23 AM

Hola readers!
I'm a fan of Sherlock (if you all did not assume that by stalking me on Pinterest), and though I don't condone all the material, I certainly enjoyed most of the episodes. Seeing the teaser for season 4 brought slight  major heart pounding, and "oh my gosh it's her" (or him depending on the very quick scenes that flash by in the trailer) moments.
If you haven't see it for yourself take the time here...

So first off. I believe that Moriarty is absolutely NOT coming back. He can't. There's no way unless he has a twin (which is highly probable considering it HAS been done in Sherlocky books).
The "did you miss me?" I assume is coming from some of Moriarty's side kicks, namely the villain we lay eyes on who is going to be be wonderfully (if you can call it that) evil if he's anything like the story "The Adventure of the Dying Detective".

The woman assassin by the way is Mary without  a doubt. Just pause it over her face (or watch it a couple of times) and it's her.

Yeah this was my expression pretty much through the whole trailer

And by the way, I think Mycroft is a traitor. He did something really wrong sometime and I'm pretty sure whatever that is will destroy everyone. And now I'm really excited for the official episode trailers so we can get a better glimpse of Mary as well as that new baby! 
What was your trailer reactions? Do rant below. =)  
No I didn't miss you Moriarty - I miss the show

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  1. man. I havent seen Sherlock is so long. wow. im not sure if I'll watch it. idk. I might. the trailer looks good though! I feel like I need to rewatch the whole show before though.

    1. First of all - yes you MUST re watch the show if you see season 4!!! ;) It's very confusing up at the end of season 3 and you'd be terribly confused otherwise (if you don't remember much of 1-3).
      The trailer does look good! I'm super thrilled.

  2. THIS SHOW IS EPIC. SO much amazing about this first teaser. Your fangirling pretty much recaps my entire thoughts too! Cannot wait. :)

    1. I can't wait either! I've watched the new videos on comic con with the Sherlock cast and it's so much fun - you should check it out if you haven't already Rissi. They gave a few hints to what's coming. =)


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