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7:34 AM

Hola readers!
Remember my series of posts Real Faith? If not it was actually my readers' testimonies about how God has worked in their life (you can read all of them on the page).
I would L♥VE to read your testimony and post it here on Saved by Grace! It's always a privilege to do so, so please, please send me your's! It doesn't matter how "small" your's feels to you - God gives us our stories for a purpose and it should be shared.
And also, I know I've tried to do this before but do you know any young man (anywhere from 16-21) who would like to do a one time thing with me? Girls have questions for guys (ones about modesty, how they fell when (feel in blank), etc, etc), and I want to give the chance for young ladies to ask a few guys some non personal questions. I'm probably not explaining very well haha.
So anyway, I'd group the questions together and send them to my answering guys all at once and then post them and their answers a few at a time here.
If you'd like to help in any of the to areas I mentioned above please e-mail me @ youaresavedbygrace@gmail.com
Have a blessed day and rest of your week readers!

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