{A Blog Post Concerning Direction}

7:45 AM

God never usually gives us direction that makes sense and each time we follow His seemingly odd commands we become one step closer to our Savior.
•Did it make sense for God to appoint Moses over hundreds of thousands of Israelite's?
•Did it make sense for God to choose a single, virgin as first choice for the mother of His Holy son?
•Does it make sense for me to choose to not go to college?
•Does it make sense that every job I want/try to apply for goes up in smoke?

Anything God does is usually bound to not make sense because He sees the bigger picture. We don't.

Recently I decided to apply for a position at my localish library. The problem arose when I learned I wasn't old enough (and note that I didn't learn this until I'd gotten everything ready to send in the mail - resume and everything).
I had really felt this was an opened door God was giving me and and wanting me to run with. I've dreamed forever of helping out where books would play a big part in my life.
When I learned it wouldn't work out it hurt. A lot.
And at the same time I expected it.
Because deep down I knew God has a different plan and me applying was going against that. I just hadn't wanted to admit it.
Things, moments, plans, are all controlled by a loving Father who knows more then we do. It's hard. Really hard.
Especially when nothing is making sense, when you feel like a failing young adult because everyone is pushing you so many directions.
When overwhelming emotions come sometimes I can just look up. Sometimes all I can do is admit that I don't really have this.
My fried Naomi pointed out one time to me that giving it all to God is usually when He can work. And I believe she is right.
I think God wants to prove Himself in a situation that isn't working out for us. He wants to prove that in the end we have no control and He has supreme.
If everything worked out beautifully in our lives then I think we'd easily forget Who made us, Who works in our lives, and that without Him nothing would happen. Nothing.
Without God working you wouldn't even have the ability to read this post or figure out your computer. Honestly God has every control over us and yet gives us choices. Sometimes saying 'no" means giving us a choice. Will we trust or will we be overcome?
Will we give Him the glory or will we continue to wallow in fear?

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  1. So true! Rather hard to remember when you're in the middle of it, though. I'm sorry that your plans didn't work out, but I know God has something much better in store for you! :)

    1. It's IS hard to remember! Believe me, God has had to do a lot of head pounding to even get me to move sometimes...Haha.
      Thank you for the encouragement Emily. ♥♥♥


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