A Heart Most Certain {A Book Review}

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A Heart Most Certain by Melissa Jagears 
Pages: 352
Publisher: Bethany
Release date: 2016
Hearts: ♥♥♥♥♥

Lydia King has a good heart-she wants to help the poor and make a difference in the world-so she joins Teaville Moral Society, taking marches to get rid of the brothels in her town or get children out of the poorhouse.
Her first goal-obtain a donation from the rich Nicholas Lowe-who easily refuses anyone who asks anything of him. He's the scrooge in Lydia's life and she is determined to set his heart in the right place.
Despite what he leads everyone to believe, Nicholas is really a soft-hearted man who helps those without the townspeople realizing it, and he strikes a bargain with the opinionated Miss King. Working together they bring to light their town's deepest secrets and in the process find that their own hearts are tangled.

I have to admit, I got this book on a whim, just to see how I'd like it and take a break from murder (*coughs* reading it).
 Lydia is higher in society, despite the fact she is headed quickly downhill when her father continues to use the money for ill purposes.
I loved her awkward moments and how determined she was with Nicholas. Plus she loves to read, which I also love about a character.
Nickolas Lowe is my favorite character however - a Robin Hood in the early 1900s. He's everything you'd want him to be once you get to know him - sweet, kind, and far from stuck up yet a complete ogre around high society. I love that he works undercover and drags Lydia around with him, shocking the townspeople.
While there is the fun elements of A Heart Most Certain this also deals with the prostitutes of the time, giving us an inside look at what the lower part of towns was like in 1905. We learn about the people, about former prostitutes and how hard it was for them to make it back into society.
There is a little suspense, a little love triangle (though it was a no brainier who'd get Lydia in the end).
I truly loved this novel and found it to be one of my favorite Historical's this summer.
Highly recommend!
Bonus: This is the first book in a series, meaning next summer we'll hopefully get to see more!
I got this book free from Bethany in exchange for doing a review. Thank you!

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