When Death Draws Near {A Review}

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When Death Draws Near from Carrie Stuart Parks
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publishing Date: 2016
Hearts: ♥♥♥♥♥

Nothing like working in a small town with good country folk...until Pikeville Kentucky is the town your in and that certain town just so happens to be facing a serial rapist.
Gwen went there to work for a short time as a forensics artist but learns pretty quickly she's in over her head. Every witness disappears along with their family and no one can track them down.
When her teenage daughter obsessed with all things digital joins her, Gwen get's another assignment that she's not too happy about: going undercover at a serpent handling church.
One girl from West Virginia already tried and she was quickly stopped, and what Gwen finds will quickly turn the case around...and show her that it's not just the serpents ready to kill.

I was dying to get this book and when I saw it I was instantly enthralled. The front cover and title is enough to get your attention, and I'd loved the book before it.
Carrie Stuart Parks not only gives us a thrilling ride for a couple days but also a look into some pretty interesting churches. This one is no exception.
I knew very little about the snake handling church until reading When Death Draws Near, and I found it very interesting. We get an inside look that is not only chilling but neat.
Gwen isn't a normal character for me. In a "normal" suspense that I prefer. She isn't a fighter in the sense of the word. Her normal job shouldn't involve getting stuck in a cave left to die or almost getting run over with a truck.
She's just a mother, a defeater of breast cancer, a forensic artist - going undercover isn't her normal job.
I thought the mystery was great, unpredictable, and very chilling. I love how Gwen can look at someone and able to tell if they're lying. Nothing like a little Sherlock to make my day.
The occasional sarcastic thoughts of Gwen cracked me up and I think I laughed out loud at several times. Nothing like giving sarcastic comments to a man who's been dead quite a few years.
Overall I truly loved this book and am excited for A Portrait Vengeance in 2017. Get this book if you're a fan of her work or even if you aren't. You truly won't regret it.

I got this book free from BookLOOk in exchange for my humble opinion

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  1. Thank you so much, Kara Lynn, for your lovely review! blessings on you.

  2. oh that sounds like something I might pick up. thank you for your recommendation!

    1. No prob - be sure and do a review - I'd love to know your thoughts!


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