Hello Fall {And Some Pictures)

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Hola readers!
Fall is upon us and this year I'm ready. I'm ready to take a million pictures of leaves and the mountains and do Jane Austin photoshoots. I'm ready to watch reruns of my favorite movies. Think: The Giver, Ever After, Anne of Green Gables...etc, etc, etc. I want to try some new movies (or at least ones that are new to me), listen to lots and lots of NeedToBreath (they're my fall music), and go on long hikes (this only happens when the weather cools).
I'm also excited to dig more into God's word as well, take more time to sit in prayer and do my quiet time, and read more amazingly inspirational books.
Oh, and of course edit my story. *coughs* Maybe I can FINALLY say 'the end' before the year ends.

And before I forget...
Me and my sisters hung out with one of my besties for the weekend last week. We didn't take as many pictures as we did last time we got together, but that's OK. Lord-willing we'll have plenty of chances in the future.
Happy September readers!

This is meant to be a high fave. ☺

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  1. It looks like you had a fun time! I'm so glad it's almost (officially!) fall! =)

    1. Yes we did have fun and I'm beyond excited too!!!!

  2. Happy September to you too! Have a great month.

    1. Thank you dear friend - I hope you're having a great month as well. ♥


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