Whimsical Fall Thoughts {And More Pictures}

7:30 AM

Hola readers!
Fall is officially here and bringing a storm of leaves and cool weather my way. I've found myself longing to go out more then ever, and just so happened to remember something I started doing every morning a couple years ago in 9th grade. I was so overwhelmed by my schoolwork and all that needed doing, and often times I would find myself staying inside and skipping my quiet time. I shut myself off from God. My life felt too chaotic to get out and be with the Lord.
I know I couldn't make a habit of it, so every morning around 8:30 when the sun began to climb over the mountains, I'd run outside and for fifteen minutes I would stand by the field and pray. I'd pray about everything and anything. Sometimes I would take my camera or other times it'd just be me.

Let me say-those were some of the most meaningful times in my life. Summer became too hard (and this time there's real excuses like the warm weather brought all my siblings out about that time and certainly no peace), but every fall after that I try to get out in nature with just me, my Lord and Savior-and sometimes my camera. I recently started up the tradition again, though this time I'm not in school and instead of the pressure of a next test it's the pressure of finding something to do with my life and the pressing worry. Honestly I've been so consumed by doubt and worry that it came near to choking me last night.

But God is good and He's getting me through everything that I was becoming too afraid of. Nothing is bigger then Him. Nothing.
I'm going to concentrate on going on some hikes as well this fall and biking because now that the temperatures are under 90, it's a perfect time to do so. We went to a Fall Festival last weekend and saw Jordan Feliz (can I just say AWESOME), and through everything I see God's hand. He's slowly molding me this fall through my time of striving to get closer to Him.
I'm praying everyday that I see the open doors in my life and that I embrace them instead of being consumed by the things around me and Satan's lies.
Oh! And two books that have really been inspiring me are In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson and The Mystery from Lacy Sturm so get out to the book store and read those, and be on the look out for my reviews of those amazing books in the upcoming weeks.
How's your fall going so far? Any plans?
Be blessed.

Pictures via me and my camera of Korin and Kailin

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  1. Beautiful Kara!!! You will be in my prayers!!!

  2. This whole post is amazing. the pictures and your words! <3

    1. You are such an encouragement Emily!!!!! I know we've never met in person but I do know that you are an amazing sister in Christ. ♥


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