A Royal Christmas Wedding {A Book Review}

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A Royal Christmas Wedding from Rachel Hauk
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication Date: 2016
Hearts: ♥♥♥♥ Four

College Volleyball Star, Avery Truitt, fell in love with Prince Colin of Brighton Kingdom a few years ago when she was in school. It was a whirlwind romance, but one that left Avery's heart shattered. Colin left without a word, and Avery still aches for him and longs to find true love again. The only problem is, all she wants is Colin. Even after all this time.
When Avery's sister becomes pregnant all the way across the ocean in Brighton, Avery and her mom fly from Georgia to spend Christmas together with Susana and her husband. This thrusts Avery back into Colin's world and now she can't possibly forget him.

I am a fan of Rachel Hauk's Royal Wedding Series and have kept up with all the books as they've become published. They continue to be charming-an inspirational romance for anyone who wants to fall into a fairytale. This book is a bit shorter then some of her others but none the less a must read for fans of the series.
Avery is a spunky southern gal and I love the European/good ol' Georgia blend. It makes for a unique and fun, and I'm a sucker for both British an Southern accents so we're good.
And there's nothing like a Christmas story with romantic traditions (like a certain bell which I couldn't explain well so you better get the book), and I loved the prologue backstory. I also enjoyed the themes of the true meaning of Christmas (forget Santa and his sleigh in this one), the mending of a broken heart, and relying on God's plan for your life.
Rachel Hauk's A Royal Christmas spins a a beautiful series, reuniting old characters-this whole thing in all honesty is worth a Hallmark Christmas movie! While this isn't my favorite in the series, I found the book a fun read that warmed my heart on these chilly afternoons. Fans of Becky Wade, Melissa Tagg and authors like them will enjoy this cute love story.
Totally recommend!
Have you read this book or any others in the series? What did you think? Let's chat below!

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for a review.

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  1. No one has (in my my reading experience) had a better British accent than Rachel Hauck. Her novels are charming beyond anything for multiple reasons, but this is one of the best. :D Someday, Hallmark should adapt these because, um, how cute are they!? :)

    1. Yes Hallmark totally should adapt because that would make my day-they are by far some of the cutest books I've yet to read.
      Thanks for commenting Rissi ♥

  2. This sounds like am interesting book! :)

    1. A Roal Christmas Wedding is VERY interesting-if it's your thing you should totally find the book somewhere and read it. =)

  3. Good to know about this love story of Avery. The book looks quite interesting and will surely read it. Currently I am very busy as Christmas is approaching. Have planned to book one of event venues Chicago for the party. Will look for amazing ideas to make the party really enjoyable.


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