For All Those Who Have Ever Asked

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Hola readers!
People have asked me forever since graduating, "so what now? Are you taking classes?"
I think I've replied with this about a million times: "No, not currently. I wanted to do YWAM in Richmond but they didn't have the DTS this year I wanted to take."
This convo has gone around with soo many people and I thought I'd go ahead and get these thoughts out.
I know God has plans for my life-there's no doubt in my mind. However, some of the things I feel He's told aren't about to take place. They're ones I beg God to make happen SOON but it seems like He's putting it all on hold.
Below is a list of things I pray one day come to pass. Yes, it's detailed. Yes, I know God isn't going to do everything like I think He will. Yes, it's going to be hard. And I know that I should treat the list as a rough outline. I just feel that it's a piece of me, some things that are what I feel God may (or may not) be calling me to. They're things that may happen 100% different then I'd have ever dreamed. However, I pray that people respect these dreams. They aren't mindless. I didn't just get them. Some have been buried deep in my mind for years.

• I want to adopt kids even IF I'm single.
People find this hard to grasp but it's true. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to adopt kids, but as a single? I never let that even hit my mind until a few years ago when one of my amazing readers asked my opinion on it when I had a Q&A thing going on around here.
Now, I don't know my future. Who knows, God may bring me a man to marry in just a few years or maybe never (Lord-willing that's not the case), but whatever the case I know that deep down I am meant to adopt and foster kids.

•I want to be involved in ministry for the rest of my life.
I don't know exactly what this consists of-it's very sketchy. I DO want to be at home with my kids and I don't want to work (for money), but I want to be heavily involved in ministry, which I'm sure whatever that is, would take a lot of my time. God laid that on my heart, but I just don't know what that means for me right now. Maybe it means helping in a youth group at our church if one day that is a thing, or maybe it's starting a program, or writing books (that CAN be a ministry if you allow it).

•I want help those on the streets with nowhere to go.
I want to be active in the community. Yes I understand the streets are dangerous but that's where I long to be. That is something I can't do alone however. There's no way I-a single young adult girl-can go out into my city without a healthy dose of fear. There's too many drugs and sin to not be realistic, but one day I want to do something. "What?" you may ask. That's what I've been asking God for along time.
Hence why YWAM and other such ministries have been on my mind. It's not because I'm indecisive, it's because God has yet to open a door. Every single one shuts in my face-hard. I know it's a no and usually I'm ready to move on (usually is the key word haha).

To close, like I said, I know God has a plan for my life. I'm still confused however, and I'm not 100% for sure and certain what that may be. For years after reading a series from Colleen Coble about this ranch in the south that helped kids with no one, I instantly felt connected. The books opened my heart to new ideas I'd never considered.
I also know that I want to help girls who feel worthless. My greatest joy, my passion comes when girls e-mail me and ask for prayer. I love being their prayer warrior, I LOVE being their encourager and letting them know they are beautiful daughters of the King. I feel content and fulfilled.
What this means I don't know. If someone gave me a job that gave me something like that, you'd never find a happier person. It's why I wanted to take classes with CCEF because I kinda want to be a counselor. But I also want to get out there, not wait for the people to come to me.
So anyway, you've just seen a chunk of my heart, my dreams. A lot of people don't know any of the above about me, but like I said, these have been on my heart for a long time and it's good to know God does have a plan even if I don't know what that is.
I'm just so excited for my next step and for His direction. He has great things in store for us readers. Never let go of that and continue to fight the good fight.

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