It's Time

7:38 AM

Hola readers!
Did you go to Kirk Cameron's Rive Us last night? You should have (time to take a guilt trip). Just kidding....kinda. ;)
In all seriousness though,  you should when it comes back on next Monday in theaters across America. Readers, it's time for revival and I worshiped and listened to some of the best people out there talk about how we can "make America great again" and that's only through the blood of Jesus Christ.

I don't know about you but that's a message EVERYONE needs to hear. Especially now.
And we need revival. I don't know what I'm supposed to do in my life at this point. God has EVERYTHING I want to do on hold. I don't have the means to start a Bible study. I don't have the means to get on the street and proclaim. Actually I'm kinda tied to my home. I don't even have transportation. And I keep praying, how can I help bring revival?
Readers, we have blogs. we write books, we vlog, we text, we watch movies, we go to college, we have friends. We can still bring revival no matter where we're at. God's going to give us the means. He's going to give us opportunities.
I have a blog right now. You may have a blog right now. How can we use those for Jesus? You have a platform, you have people reading your words. What can you do with that?
Readers, it's time for revival.
I don't know what exactly but I want to DO something. I want to make my Mark in the world-my Mark being Jesus Christ. I want to see revival in the church.
I don't want to look at denominations. I don't care if you're a Baptist or a Lutheran or Pentecostal. You can bring revival. All of us need it.
And it starts with getting on our knees and praying. It starts with reading the Bible. It starts with allowing Jesus to work.
I want to bring change to this blog in some way that encourages revival. I'm still thinking hard and I don't know what. I have readers-y'all. Over 86 people want to see what Saved by Grace is about. I want to glorify the Father. I hunger to see change. I hunger soooo much to help bring people to Christ. Right now it's my main desire and I don't know what to do with it.
So anyway, check out Revive us from Kirk Cameron and go if you can. It's WELL worth your money and the late night hours.
Do you want to tall revival with me? I want to be surrounded by like-minded Christians. I'm even considering starting a Bible study through video chat (crazy ideas run through your head after being surrounded by on-fire-for-Jesus-people late night.
E-mail me at and we can chat. It's time for revival.

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  1. I agree so much, Kara! We need revival in this country, and in this world. I'd love to be a part of whatever you cook up in terms of...well, whatever you decide to cook up! Thanks for an inspiring post!

    {nonweird internet name with no numbers that I have yet to decide on}

    1. I'd love to have you part! Thanks so much for offering-you're awesome. ♥


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