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So first off, I'm a HUGE HUGE music fan, and thank you Emily for tagging me. I really enjoy doing these every so often. 

01. Do you play any instruments? I play a tiny bit of piano but need to perfect my reading of notes. I did memorize Misty Mountains a few years ago and This Is My Father's World, and I love trying to do Amazing Grace (key word: trying). And I play half by ear and half by notes which makes it hard. I'm weird that way . 

02. What is your favorite music genre? I love a lot of rock music with a country twang (think NeedToBreath, Third Day, etc), but I love rock in general when it comes to Skillet or Switchfoot (those two are my faves in the music world).

03. Is there a music genre you absolutely cannot stand?  Country. Flat out secular country. I am sorry all those who listen to country. I mean I can stand Tim McGraw or The Band Perry (I listened to a a few from them), and I like Taylor Swift a tiny bit but especially when it comes to older country...I just can't stand how pointless it is with heart-break and beer.

04. What is your favorite way to listen to music? (CD, vinyl, MP3, radio, etc)  I usually listen on my radio or CD player. I wish I had a record player though....haha

05. What/who are your three favorite bands/singers?  Switchfoot, Skillet, NeedToBreath 

06. What are your three favorite chords? Umm...I have no clue. 

Emily's question: How has a certain piece of music influenced your life? A piece as in a song, group...? Skillet really influenced my early teen years when I went through a time where I felt depressed. I didn't realize at the time but looking back I see that the songs related to me. If you don't know, quite a few Skillets songs (especially their early ones), really relate to depressed and hurting teens and I got that. I knew they understood me and it really inspired me to rise in the name of Jesus.
I don't know if that answers your question but anyway. 

Kara's question: What is one song that left you completely speechless? 

I tag anyone who wants to do this. Grab it and leave me a link-I want to see your answers. 

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  1. Thanks for doing the tag! You are super fast about it, too! ;) I enjoyed reading your answers. :)

    1. Thank you for tagging me! I'm glad you enjoyed them. ♥

  2. Generally, I'll confess, I like country must especially a-la The Band Perry, Carrie Underwood or various other artists. But when it comes to the beer-drinking? Yeah, those aren't my favorite because they're cliche. Taylor is a favorite and I love the new direction her music took! Fun tag, Kara. :)

    1. Yes, country can be cliche and I try to avoid it, but I kinda want to listen to the Band Perry more since my friend sent me one of their songs and I enjoyed it a lot.


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