Timeless ||A Review||

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Lucy is thrown back into history to save it from a villain who wants to change the world as we know it.

|| The Pilot ||
I was so excited for this show to get started and you know that when I stayed up until eleven to see it (I'm not a night owl by any means).
The Pilot begins with the Hindenburg, which is one interesting parts of history that so many people miss. It's such an important part and I'm glad the Timeless creators began with it.
And the show's almost everything a time-machine TV show should be-at times humorous, edge of your seat action, plot twists and characters we can relate to.
Lucy's Mom is dying of cancer so that instantly pulls the heart-strings and then when she teams up with Wyatt... 

He's cheeky, the ever handsome flirt who can shoot straight and won't hesitate to draw his pistol. I know he'll be a favorite of many female fans, and he's mine but not just because of that. We learn that his wife is dead and it's apparently his fault, though he leaves us hanging on why. This really intrigues me. 
Lucy also joins Rufas, an at times humorous man who is a favorite character of my sister's. And is he with the bad guy and is the bad guy not who we thought it is?
The end leaves us reeling.
Now, on the show itself I think it'll definitely be a hit for many people. Everyone will appreciate the authentic clothing and how well the creators depict the time period. The fact that we're going back in time isn't cheesy either and is done seriously enough to make you wonder, "alright, what is going to happen next?"

Me and Korin enjoy calling it The Magic Tree House for adults. Haha. I mean look at these costumes people-they're awesome!

On a serious note, the show has it's faults. We begin with an inappropriate joke that could have been left out altogether, and the fact that Lucy has to remove her bra at one time (only her bare back is shown), wasn't a must-have, but just to throw it in for those who enjoy those type of moments. 
I for one could do without it.
All in all, as I said, the show will probably be loved by many and disliked by some. I'm happy that NBC knows that all us history buffs would like a show that gives us facts and fun and excitement and danger and plot twists, I just wish they'd made it cleaner.
What did you think of the show-assuming you saw it? Or if you haven't watched Timeless, do you plan on trying it?

Content: There is several uses of h*ll, d**n, and a**. There's one or two inappropriate jokes, two people are shot and killed the duration of the episode, the three main characters walk into a tavern where people are drinking and kissing. The Hindenburg is violent. People are shown on fire. 
The show is rated TV-PG 

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  1. I saw the pilot of this, and overall, loved it. From experience, I like to give shows 2-5 episodes before calling it quits, so at some point, I'll do the same for this one. Glad you (mostly) enjoyed the pilot, Kara. :)

  2. Ahh, I've been wanting to watch this one! I haven't seen many reviews about it, but the ones I've read has been good. Hopefully I can find a way to watch it soon! :D

    // katie grace
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