A Journey. A Friendship. A Closing Chapter

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About three years ago I signed up to become a correspondent through Compassion International. I wanted to write a girl from a far away country and be her friend-to make a difference, to do something good for a change that wasn't normal for me. I thought I was doing something awesome that would make an impact on a life.

I was naive.

I didn't realize that three years later I'd be the one impacted. 

Sharon is the type of girl that you'd describe as someone with a warrior's spirit yet a sweet, gentle nature. She lost her baby brother yet continued to see God's goodness. She accepted me as her family even though we've never met.
And she doesn't t let circumstance hold her back. She dreams of traveling to England. She dreams of following God with her whole heart. And she dreams of becoming a doctor.

| One of my dreams is to become a doctor and I pray to God that he may guide me that I can learn sciences and enjoy my subjects in future and achieve my goals. ~ Sharon's letter to me during the beginning of our friendship

She prayed for me and I for her. She invited me to see her in Uganda and I told her, "maybe one day, Lord-willing."

In total she wrote me around twelve letters, maybe a little more, maybe one or two less. I wrote her more often since I have the means and tried to encourage her.

But I believe she encouraged me more.

She sent me sweet Bible verses that spoke of God's love. She encouraged me continually with her prayers, and I think Sharon believes I can do anything. She told me I could publish books and to teach those kids at church, and every few letters she asked me to see her. 
But in those three years God never opened the doors for us to meet and He may never.

See, just a few weeks ago I learned that Sharon graduated. She's out of High School now and is no longer in school. I haven't heard from her since the spring so I didn't realize and though I may possibly find a way to contact her out of the program, that doesn't cement us as pen pals. She may not have the time. Or money. Or my letter may never get to her.

I feel a closing chapter and it's sad. Sharon has big dreams-ones that I pray she get's to fulfill. Her friendship was and is sweet-something so different from the ones we find on social media or at church or school. It was one where no one judged the other. One where our letters were the only form of communication. We had no choice but to write. 
I saved her letters and read over them yesterday while I recovered from a stomach bug and felt extremely blessed but extremely sad. I'm going to miss Sharon if I never hear from her again and see her updated pictures and gorgeous face. I hate that this may have to end, and that I may never find out whether or not she traveled liked she wanted to. 
But my prayers for her never will. 

I love you Sharon-may you continue to always see Jesus as your shining Light!!!! 

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  1. Aww... I love this so much! I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now, and I really loved reading about your experience. What an awesome way to bless someone around the world! ♥

    1. Yes it was an amazing experience and if you get the chance-go for it. I can give you info if you want to e-mail me at youaresavedbygrace@gmail.com or you can check out Compassion International. Seriously-you'd love it! ♥


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