Beauty and The Beast 2017 Trailer Reaction

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Hola readers!
I couldn't help myself today but do a trailer rant on here for the upcoming installment in March 2017 of The Beauty and the Beast. This is-I'm not afraid to admit-one of my most looked forward to movies in a very very long time. I loved the cartoon as a kid, and the fact that it's coming out in live action is beyond pure excitement for me!
Cinderella was good, but didn't quite meet my expectations. Maybe it's because I enjoyed the oldish movie, Ever After or simply the fact that Cinderella was never my favorite Disney Princess.
But never mind that, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Luke Evans, Emma Watson, Ian Mckellen and other fantastics are going to be together on the big screen?!

When I first found out that "Bard" from the hobbit is going to play Gaston, I laughed, trying to imagine the friendly bow-,man, the evil Gaston, but now I think he's going to play the part brilliantly. AND the beast-admittedly his horns are a bit big compared to the cartoon (as a kid I thought those were his large ears haha)-but the voice?! It sounds just as I imagined (as do Cogsworth and Luninar). How much closer could you get?
And I'm super excited to see all the magic (provided they don't overdo it with a CGI castle, because I'm a sucker for a real one!). I love the Medieval Fantasy genre, and I'm hoping I love everything about it as much as I enjoyed Maleficent when I first saw the movie a few years ago.

So to conclude....YEEK! This is going to be good!! I've always loved this story because of the sweet meaning behind it-loving someone for their heart, not because of their appearance. Belle looks beyond to the beastly appearance and sees his sweetness and I just honestly love that. It definitely makes me wonder how they'll portray that in 2017.

Are you looking forward to this new movie? What excites you the most? Comment so I can discuss with a fellow fan, and if you haven't seen the trailer already, then have a look-see down below.

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