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Hola readers!
Today I'm going to nominate Faith's blog "Princess Faith" for my blog of the year award taking place now. You can learn more at the link here but today let's talk about this awesome blog!
I have the privileged of "meeting" Faith (if you will) during my Real Stories. Real Faith. series back awhile ago (you can read Faith's testimony here)  I loved her honesty and her beautiful story of overcoming the struggles of this life and it instantly drew me to her unique blog.

Via Faith. I "stole" this from her blog since she didn't have a blog button.. 

1. Tell us why you think this blog should deserve an award as blogger of the year and what sets the blog apart in the blogging world: I feel deeply that Faith deserves this award because of her honesty that is so beautifully refreshing. She knows and admits that she-and the world-are far from perfect, which makes her feel more open and real as I read her posts. I love that she is striving to follow Jesus in what she does.
What sets her blog apart is one, her personality. She appears to be a fun person with an encouraging message to her readers. I also love that she isn't afraid to show who she is. She doesn't pretend.
Two, I enjoy seeing what she's up to, learning about her writing, seeing her photography, and all that good stuff. What she posts sets her apart in this blogging world-I don't know how to quite explain it. Just check Princess Faith out! 

2. Just for fun: How did you find the blog? I don't even remember! I think it's from her finding me first? I honestly don't know. Perhaps she found my blog and commented and then I followed her back or maybe vice versus. 

3. One word descriptor for both blog and blogger: Divergent (unique and in a good way)

4. What is one of your favorite posts? One of her best posts in my humble opinion is Dear Girls and it deserves a read from everyone!

Faith, your blog rocks and you are beautiful inside and out. Your courage and unique personality shines. Keep fighting the good fight, trusting in the Lord and remembering that you are loved by the King. You are definitely a princess and worth so much to God.  
I love your blog and all it represents. 

So that's who I nominate-who do you think deserves the award? Please check out the blog post concerning the award and please please take the time to award another fantastic blogger such as Faith. 

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2 of your thoughts

  1. AWWWWW! Okay this post made me melt on the inside oh my gosh <3

    Thank you so so much for such high praise. I'm so honored that you think so highly of me and my writing. I get discouraged a lot but this really encouraged me.
    Thank you so much love!

    1. You are welcome Faith! You inspire me every day. ♥♥ *hugs*


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