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Hola readers!
The holidays are vast approaching and I don't know about you, but I tend to guilt trip myself this season. I have so much and others have so little. I don't want to feel guilty for what the Lord has blessed me with however, because I'm finding that this feeling is wrong.

I imagine that a lot of you reading this do not have tons of money sitting around. *Coughs* *Raises hand*
I long to go on mission trips, and write inspiring books, and volunteer at shelters and go into schools and preach the gospel, and hand out shoe boxes with Operation Christmas Child to the kids. But I don't have the means. Not right now.
And I think this season I need to learn to be OK with that and give where I can. I can't guilt trip myself into thinking I'm not doing enough and feel guilty because I have no many blessings and some are in very dark times without. I need to feel compassion yes, but guilt for what God has given me? No.
Instead I need pray that God opens doors and meets me here, right where I'm at. That could mean inviting someone over for Christmas. It could mean paying for someone to go the theater and see a good movie. It could mean sending a Christmas card to a friend who's hurting. Or it could mean babysitting a little child for free so the Mom could get out.
I don't think we realize what an impact our lives can make in our world.
Please don't feel guilty for what you have or what you cannot do. It's wrong to feel guilt for what God has given us or what He hasn't allowed you to do. He's blessed all of us and we shouldn't feel guilt, but instead motivation to get out and use our blessings to bless others.

We should see our extra time, money, and resources as an opportunity to make impact. Like Danielle tried to convince the prince in one of my favorite movies Ever After when he didn't want to be king, we need to see what we can do in this moment and in this place where you're at. The prince could make a huge impact once he became king and he wanted to throw it away.  Don't be like the prince. See what you can do with what you got.
I don't know where you're at right now in this big world, but I do know that no matter what you do or do not have, God has blessed you even in small ways. He loves you and will find ways to allow you to make a big impact for Him. You may not see that effect in your lifetime, but I pray that in the end when I get to heaven, that the Lord allows me to see my life and see how He worked.
That would be one of the greatest movies possible.

I hope this post makes sense. It comes from the heart and I hope you see that you are loved and that you can bless someone no matter where you're at.

 || You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden Matthew 5:14 ||

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