Reminder: Blog of the Year Award

7:14 AM

Hola readers!
Just a little reminder for your week as I go on my Thanksgiving blogging break that I'm hosting a Blog of the Year Award here at this link on Saved by Grace and you can nominate a blog now! I nominated Faith's blog here so check out of the post as well as the other nominee, Emily. My sister Korin nominated her for the award here  and please get to know both Emily and Faith's blogs.
And please, please, feel free to award someone. We're taking the time to be thankful and dwell on what the Lord has blessed us with this week-why don't you let someone know you appreciate them this season?
Well, I'm off to my blogging break readers. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and be on the look out for the following posts on my return...

Sharon |An Open Letter To A Friend I Never Said Farewell To|
Five Things To Do To Celebrate Christmas
Thanksgiving's Moments {Pictures from my week}

Goodbye until next post!

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4 of your thoughts

  1. Have a great break, Kara! :)

    Also, I wanted to say that I really love the Blog of the Year Award idea, but I can't participate this time. I'm so sorry, but I hope that others join in to make it a success! <3

    1. That's fine Emily-I understand and will miss you!!!!♥


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