Courage to Soar from Simone Biles

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Courage to Soar from Olympian Simone Biles is her autobiography of how she's more then a girl with powerful physical abilities - she's the girl who began her career at a young age, soaring over obstacles as a foster child. She was a fighter and she still is today.

Let me be honest - in the 2016 Olympics I wanted to watch the swimming and diving more then I wanted to see the gymnastics. I'm just not a huge fan of the sport so I didn't see Simone soar through the competitions before the Olympics or during.
But my sister Korin did.
I knew she'd appreciate reading Simon's story, so I chose the book and here I am - doing the review. So this is an unbiased review as can be since I wasn't a fan before haha.
The question I had when awaiting for the arrival of this book was: Is it inspiring? And what will we learn about Miss Biles behind the beautiful smile and strength we see on TV?
In Courage to Soar we begin with Simone as a young girl as she reminisces about her mother and how Simone and her siblings are later placed in foster homes. Her grandparents later become her parents and soon after while still very young, she begins to preform in tumbling and gymnastics. Simone also gives us the rundown on her first car at sixteen (with long awaited zebra print interior), her love for the Cheetah Girls and all those fun facts.
One thing I really felt lacking was the spiritual content. Simone is Catholic so we learn about her Patron Saint, briefly hear about her going to church and praying but there weren't any skeletons in the closet. The focus of the book isn't spiritual but more physical and the journey to the 2016 Olympics.
I think the book didn't resonate with me since I don't prefer the sport, but I think it will for many fans of Miss Biles, what she does, and for all those who saw her soar over the summer. To them, it truly may be inspiring.

♥ I got this book free from Booklook and Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review ♥

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