My Top Five Books Of 2016

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Hola readers!
First off-I have some controversial topics in store for the upcoming weeks including Christian media, tattoos, body piecing, secular TV and content,  churches and just us as Christians and broken people. I feel God telling me that it's time to be controversial, to get messy, to say things that will make you uncomfortable and maybe think a little.
BUT today and throughout the remainder of this month I want to do some posts highlighting this 2016 as well as Christmas because right now that is on many peoples' mind (mine included).
I love looking over what I've learned, read, watched, done in the past year and I'm super excited to bring you a list of the top books I've read that were released this year.

1. The Mystery from Lacy Sturm 
Genre: Memoir 
Read my review of it here

I think this is one of the most inspiring books I read this year.. Literally-it is so good. Lacey gives a testimony of her life as a broken human being. She dealt with suicidal thoughts, an affair, having no father in her life and the slow process of healing.
I really just loved this book to pieces!!!

2. Just a Kiss from Denise Hunter
Genre:  Inspirational Romantic Fiction
Read my review here

I love Denise Hunter and all her books inspire and challenge me, displaying real life, realistic relationships that I appreciate and LOVE. I think what got me about this book was that Riley struggled with PTSD and brokenness, and we learn a lot about God healing our hearts, minds, souls and bodies.
It was a PERFECT blend of romance and inspiring moments that weren't completely just feel good but real life!

3. In A Pit from Mark Batterson
Genre: Nonfiction 
My review can be found here

Mark Batterson bleeds genuineness into his books! Every one of them makes me laugh, think, pray and look over my life to see where I need to adjust it to better my relationship with Jesus. In a Pit did just that for me and I could have reread it upon completing it-it's that good!

4. Like a River From Its Course from Kelli Stuart 
Genre: Historical Fiction 
My review is here

This isn't a light read by any means and my sister Korin questioned why I put this as one of my top reads. This book simply is because of the historical accuracy, the gut wrenching moments depicting what Hitler did to the world, and the beautiful yet sad ending. I wanted to cry so many times for what the Jews and others endured and I really and honestly saw what went on through this novel.
The author doesn't shy from the truth and she did her research so you know the events are close to truth as possible.

5. The Bachelor Girl's Guide To Murder from Rachel McMillan
Genre: Historical Fiction 
My review is here

Don't let the title fool you - this book isn't near as dark as a murder mystery is and I found it to be more of a pleasant, light, read then anything else. It's so fun and is for any Sherlock fan whatsoever! Two girls are copy cats of Sherlock and John as they try to solve a murder mystery in their home country of Canada.
The romance is sweet but what really got me is the whit of the story. I LOVED it and look forward to reading book two!

What are your top five reads from this 2016? Did you read any of the ones I added to my list?

Have a blessed week!

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  1. DUDE! I read The Mystery and it was on my list of favorites for this year too. Lacey Sturm is honestly my biggest inspiration. I adore her.

    also please write controversial posts. lol. I thrive off of reading things like that. and as someone who has tattoos and (so many) body piercings, Im really interested in what you have to say about them. be bold, darling.

    1. Lacey Sturm is AMAZING and I really, really want to read her other book! Do you listen to any of her music?

      I thrive with controversial posts as well but try to avoid them (until now) at all costs because I also love a good debate and to argue...haha. But then recently I realized that I need to learn to voice what I believe in a loving way and not avoid messiness.
      Thanks for your lovely comment Faith!

  2. Aw, Denise's is lovely. Really this entire series is! I think The Goodbye Bride is making my eventual "Best of" list. :) Also Rachel's books are crazy cute. So looking forward to reading the rest. :)

    1. Ohh I've been wanting to read that book so much but my library doesn't have it sadly. I'm going to keep looking though! =)
      Thanks so much for commenting!


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