where am I?

11:22 AM

Hola readers!
As I type I sit at a library computer surrounded by the smell of books near the YA section. I will be MIA for awhile in the internet world since my internet is down in my area. I won't be able to blog, reply to comments or comment or anyone's blog.
I really had so many post ideas but God obviously wants a computer break. So I'll be spending time in this fast praying about God's plan for my life 2017, thinking of blogging ideas, listening to Pentatonix, and eating too much sugar.
May your CHRISTmas be one full of blessings and family. Can't wait to chat in 2017!

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  1. Hello Kara! You won't get this till later, but here's my post for the Blogger of the Year Award:

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


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