Why I'm VERY Glad Jesus Isn't Santa

7:26 AM

Hola readers!
Recently I was thinking about about Jesus and Santa.
The Christians and the secular world have two different meanings when it comes to this time of year. Honestly there's other events that go on - such as with the Jews and Hanukkah - but today I was mainly thinking about CHRISTmas and Christmas. Two very different versions of what makes this season special.

To be honest I never believed in Santa and my parents chose to not bring him up as real. Actually I don't remember talking about Santa Claus much as a child, except I do remember thinking the cashier at the checkouts were always weird because I'd usually get asked, "have you been good this year for Santa?" Or maybe something along the lines, "are you ready for Santa to bring gifts?"
I never thought about it much - I'd shrug, pretend I didn't hear, or say "sure", because I didn't want to explain that my family didn't believe in a fat man wearing very bright red clothes.

Now as I get older however, I have to wonder - why do some Christmas families lie to their kids and allow Santa to be "real" for a few short years. Why do we tell kids, "be good so you can get something."
It's all so faux...so shallow.

'If you don't sin then you'll get something good. BUT if you sin then you'll be punished by getting nothing.'

What a contradiction of Jesus' love and the true meaning of CHRISTmas! Christ came and said, "I don't care what you've done, how beat up you are, how many skull tattoos you're covered in, whether or not you cussed out every single people in your life. I don't care what color your hair is or if you've been good or not. Actually I want you to admit your failings. If you tell me you've good - that you haven't sinned - then I can't accept you into my family.
"I came to seek the lost - the ones who need found. I came for the murderers, the cheaters, the broken. I came for this broken, dark generation."

Some people say they've never sinned or done anything to deserve punishment. They're, "better then some people."
That's a bit like the image Santa brings on. "If you're good enough then you get something."
But Jesus says, "I accept everyone. I don't care who you are - come follow me and receive the gift of eternal life and forgiveness."

I firmly believe that Santa is as shallow as you can get - especially since Nicholas was a real person - a Christian in fact - who helped those in need. If I were him looking down from heaven. I'd be so disappointed to have my name thrown around as something to convince kids to be good and then get rewarded.
And that's why I am beyond thankful that the Lord Jesus isn't Santa because if He were then I'd never be good enough to get into heaven.
None of would be.
I'm a messed up, broken, walking disaster sometime and FAR FAR from perfect. I sometimes  let my temper get the best of me. I struggle in being polite when I don't get what I want. I can go on and on about a topic until I've frayed everyone's nerves. I hold grudges. I get jealous easy.
If Santa was real or Jesus was like Santa I'd get what I deserve - nothing. And everything. Punishment in hell. Let me just be honest -  we deserve a lake of fire people.

But God sent His son and Jesus gave me what I didn't deserve because He loves me.
He. Loves. Me.
I'm mind blown if I take it into perspective. The King of kings loves ME.
And readers - He loves you. Don't take on the Santa view point and see yourself as either perfect and deserving everything, or the opposite and see yourself as a complete failior not worthy of Christ's love.
In a way you're right - but then none of us do. Like I said - we're a messed up, broken generation. But Christ doesn't care. He died for you. He loves you.
And He takes you as you are and says, "I'm going to be the hero you need".

 But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ— by grace you have been saved—
Ephesians 2:4-5

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  1. This! You said it so well, and while I've never believed in santa, I've never thought about it this way - like he's the exact opposite portrayal of what God is like. Thanks so much for sharing your insight here! xx

    1. Thanks so much for commenting Jessica! I never really took the time to think of that either until God really spoke to me concerning some things I need to work on. =)

  2. Interesting perspective! Our family has never believed in Santa Claus either. Each of the old-enough-to-understand people buys everyone else a present instead. :) I don't think believing in Santa is entirely horrible, but I do see your point! How awesome it is that God loves us no matter how good or bad we've been this year. ;)


    1. YES it is amazing to know that God loves each and everyone of us. Thanks for the comment Sofia. ♥

  3. I have never thought about it that way either, Kara. Thank you for sharing this!!


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