An Update On Me+Life

7:43 AM

Hola readers!
First of all thank you to everyone who has read this post and asked how I'm doing and let me know they're praying for me. That is just so special and really made my day!
I'm doing about the same now, except I learned I have a scope (down the throat) in March as well as a Chest X-ray. Not exactly something fun to be planning this spring, but the scope is a bit what I already expected. No matter what I prayed while I waited for my doctor's appointment through January, I felt certain God was telling me I'd have to go through this surgery-like-procedure.
It's not going to be fun by any means and waiting two months is enough to drive me mad, but I'm determined to fight this. Really and truly determined. It's almost been half a year since I began having the burning and I can't wait to get back to coffee and hot sauce (never thought I'd hear myself say that haha), and eat as much sugar as I want.
Recovery from the ulcers or whatever going on, will take longer then March to heal I'm afraid, because then I get treatment but I'm fighting this feeling of urgency and frustration with a lot of prayer.
But again, thank you to everyone who commented on my blog, messaged me on facebook, and the other notes. I'm really blessed to have readers like you read my blog. ♥


Reading The Girl From The Train from Irma Joubert//Just Finished Carve the Mark from Veronica Roth//Listening to One Republic's Waking Up CD//Watching Sherlock season 3 and Full House season 4//Looking at College Plus - talking with them today//Eating...lots of fruit and veggies//Looking up on Youtube...Sherlock music videos. I have no life. Haha.

Is there anyway I can be praying for you? How is your life of late?

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9 of your thoughts

  1. How is The Girl From The Train? I have always wanted to read it , but I don't really know what its about. XD I know it was made into a last year, I think? Have you seen it?

    1. It's a good book but actually not the one you're probably talking about - no worries, I get confused between the two too! Instead of murder this one is from an African author and is based during World War Two. It's a beautiful story though!
      And no I didn't see the movie, but I may look into it now that you've mentioned it. ♥

  2. Oh, no! I'm glad though that it's happening, so that you can start to feel better!

    1. I'm glad it's happening too - I'm extremely happy actually haha!!! I never thought I'd hear myself say that about a scope.... =)
      Thank you for commenting Hanne ♥

  3. Thanks for the update... I'll be praying for you! <3

  4. I'll be praying for you Kara! So glad I started reading your blog again! Your posts always make my day!


    1. Awww Hannah, thank you!!! ♥ I miss your blog posts and keeping up with your life - they always made my day as well!

  5. Sending prayers your way, dear friend! I hope all goes well and you get better ASAP. :) May the Lord bless you with healing and faith to trust in His will! You are an amazing warrior for Him!
    Love ~ S. F.


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