Dear College Seeker [An Open Letter To New Graduates]

7:37 AM

Dear College Seeker,
I'm assuming your preparing to go to college - you are about ready to graduate High School this year or so and you're pumped...or maybe a bit confused. You don't know what you want to go into, the college websites and credits confuse you and you don't know where to go. There's so much pressure and you don't even know what you want to major in!
I know how you feel and we have a lot in common, except I graduated last year, didn't go to college and I LOVED my gap year. I wanted to take classes right away and I got a lot of pressure like you might be getting now. Signing up for college has deadlines and a lot of those are coming up and maybe you're looking and freaking out.
I have some advice that I strongly advise you to consider: Don't go to college in 2017. Wait a year.

Not many adults or young adults will tell you this but I know it's something a lot more people should take the time to do. There's a lot of pressure with being a new or almost new High School graduate and it's a crazy life. Sometimes we don't know what God has planned for us to do.
If you do know, that's awesome. You're one of the few!
But if not, that's OK too. God doesn't give us tons of info to choke down at once. He wants to use this time in your life, this confusing, exciting time to get to know Him better.

And sometimes that means taking a gap year. Don't rush off to college.

Not everyone can do this. Sometimes things are involved where you need to go this coming school year, fresh out of High School, and that's OK. I'm not slamming you, but if you have total peace about it, if you've prayed and opened your heart to taking a year off of school - then do it.
I'm glad I did.
I got loads of pressure from family members and friends telling me to take classes. People said, "You don't know now? Well that's OK - you will."
News flash: You don't always "know". Sometimes it's a blind walk of faith.
You may know your major but what about school? What about online or real life? It's all confusing and you won't "know". Not 100% that you're doing all the right things.
But that's OK too. Because as long as you're trusting God then you got this. Everything will be OK even if it feels far from it. Trust me.
I took a gap year this school round because I didn't know if I wanted to go to college or not. Instead I spent time writing a novel and editing one. I listened to Switchfoot as much as I wanted to and learned that Full House is one of the best sitcoms ever. I read my Bible sometimes twice a day (a small accomplishment I'm proud of), and learned I love the Letter Black almost as much as Skillet. I reviewed free books on blogging programs and read fun blogs. I spent time with family and played soccer in the backyard. I tried makeup and found I like it, and I spent a couple weeks at my grandparents just helping out.
Not doing school was the best thing ever. I relaxed, sometimes stressed about the fall of 2017, but I'm glad I didn't jump into anything. I would have made mistakes because my plans have changed.
Currently I'm thinking about college. Maybe. I like psychology so maybe, just maybe you'll see me in that this coming fall. Who knows?
But I do encourage you, soon-to-be High School graduate in a few months turned College-Seeker, take a gap year if you feel in over your head and extremely lost. I think you'll really benefit!

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