Kara's Confessions #1 {Books, Hunger Games, and Pureflix}

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A Blog Series where I get real about some things that I tend to not want to be honest about, and maybe some fun things I have a hard time admitting. 

Hola readers!
Welcome to my second series on Saved by Grace (the other current one bring "Spotlights"! Kara's Confessions comes from a few weeks back where I was struggling with the question, "who am I?" I may be a young adult but I still play the comparing game, and I realized how much of my likes and dislikes feed off everyone else. I also came to grips that some of the things I say I like, aren't really me at all, but something I unintentionally say I do simply because everyone else is. I just never took the time to consider it.
As immature and child-like as it sounds, it's true and there was this long journal entry I did, confessing to myself about what is not really me and things I don't want to tell people or just never did. This is now being turned into a series of blog posts.
The first post will be super fun and then we'll see what happens. It's not all movie and book related haha.

• I'm not a huge fan of Pureflix movies. Many of them bug me for some reason.

• God's Not Dead didn't live up to the hype for me

• Neither did Captain America

• Or Hunger Games

• Profanity in books and movies can seem a lazy way to get your point across when it comes to being an evil villain and making sure everyone knows how dark you are. Or pretty much with anyone in a story setting. It's all about "show not tell" remember?

• Except when it came to Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre. For some reason the author pulled it off well enough where his angry words defined his character and you saw character development later in the end.

• Full House is the example for me of a good, clean, family sitcom

• while most sitcoms now don't feel worth watching

• For some reason I relate to Sherlock

• Finding a good Christian movie I truly love hands down is tough for me - unless the Kendrick brothers made it. They define good Christian movie.

• While Hunger Games didn't meet expectations, the soundtrack did!

• I love old movies - especially ones from the 40s!

• Jack Thorton defines the type of person I want to marry

• The first movie I ever cried in was The Piglet movie - no shame.

So there, my first list of confessions that probably don't seem very big but it's a fun start to the series.
Do you relate to any of my confessions?
Have a blessed week readers!

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6 of your thoughts

  1. I agree with all that you said about Christian movies....they're just...usually terrible...honestly.

    as for the Hunger Games, I go back and forth. Im undecided. I think I like the ideas they presented?

    anyhow. I liked this post. thank you for your honesty :)

    1. They sometimes can be for sure! I come from a Christian house-hold so the majority of movies and TV I watch come from a godly standpoint. However, I'm learning as I grow in my writing and story-telling how bad about 90% of Christian movies can be!
      And with Hunger Games - I like the ideas too but the rest was a bit...I don't know. It didn't work for me. :)

  2. What a neat series idea! These are all very interesting to read. (And the one about The Piglet Movie is hilarious- 'cause that's what I did too!) xD

    1. Haha, no kidding?! How old were you? I was about seven at the time - that movie must have touched a lot of young lives. ;)

  3. SAMMMME GIRL! I really don't care for Pureflix. I really just dislike pretty much all of their stuff. In their movies the dialog isn't that great, its written poorly and ultimately the ending message is kinda...well...lame, if you know what I mean. The War Room by the Kendrick Bros was AMAZING and I loved it! WCTH is cheesy but its wholesome and its a great show to watch with little siblings, and yes, JACK IS GOALS<3
    OMGOSH OMGOSH JANE EYRE *dies then revives to finish flailing about Jane Eyre* IT WAS SO GOOD! *cries*
    I was really random and rambled a little up there^^ but oh well XD Great post, Kara!!

    1. YES I do! Only once or twice did I find a pureflix movie I actually liked and I was shocked they'd made it haha. And yes Jack is goals by far! AND you like Jane Eyre - both the book and movie was really good! Did you read or watch it? Or both?


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