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Hola readers!
At this point in my life I'm a sucker for a good, well told story that inspires, makes me cry and has me on the edge of my seat. There seems to be some good things hitting television and the Walmart DVD aisle that evokes a lot of those emotions. Here is a list summing up my must-watch list this 2017.

Doctor Strange
While Marvel has never interested me, Doctor Strange definitely has! Aside the fact that a Christian helped in the making of this movie, Benedict Cumberbatch leaving 221 B. and heading down this new road is enough to make me wonder how he did.
Plus I heard it's a good movie and I love his costume so I'll be checking this one out!

The Light Between Oceans

The Light Between Oceans fascinated me not only because it reminded me of a book I read as a girl (Baby), but also the gorgeous soundtrack and trailer! It professes to bring me tears and give  the warm fuzzies and I can't wait to see this when it comes out on DVD - and every time I go to the library I have to hold myself back from reading the book!

When Calls the Heart S4

When Calls the Heart is and will probably continue to be one of the best things on TV (in my opinion). I love Daniel Lissing's character and the chemistry on set is amazing. I'm beyond excited to continue onto season 4!!!

Sherlock S4

And speaking of season 4, how excited am I for this to hit DVD!!! I cannot watch it on PBS due to weird internet and living near and around mountains so I eagerly await for Sherlock season 4 while avoiding all Facebook spoilers.
And I'll just go ahead and admit - the baby makes me excited most of all haha.

Rogue One

Having never been into Stars Wars (or seen it in my life), it will probably surprise many that I'm choosing to watch the new Stars Wars as well as the one released last year. Rogue One has an AMAZING soundtrack (so says youtube and the trailers) and while I'm not completely excited for this one since I don't know what to expect at all, I am curious to see what my reaction will be.

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

OK. So yeah...really don't know what to make of this one. I saw the trailer while at the theater last fall and it shall I put it?
It's pretty much the bad boy goes to church, ends up in a play as Jesus and knows nothing about Jesus but pretends he does, and falls for Pastor's Daughter while all the while pretending to be a Christian.
Does it look corny? A little. Cliche? Maybe.
But really interests me is how we get the point of view of the church from a non believer. I totally want to see how they portray that!

And there is the movies on my 2017 watch-list that I await to hit DVD shelves. What is on your watch list? Are you eager to check out any that I mentioned above?

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  1. I haven't heard of "The Resurrection of Gavin Stone" until now, and I just looked up the! That looks so good!!!

    1. YESS it does look good! I wish we could see it together... =)

  2. I've seen Strange, and it was good, admittedly not my favorite Marvel movie (Captain America for the win). Also, Rogue One was good but not my favorite.

    SHERLOCK SEASON 4!!!! I cannot wait!

    I actually just posted a post about 2017 movies!!

    1. Yeah I noticed a lot of people love Captain America and I've seen the movie before, so I'll just go ahead and say that he's not my fave superhero but I loved him and Peggy together so I loved the ship haha. (WHOA a run on sentence...)
      SHERLOCK SEASON 4 YESS! I'm guessing you haven't seen it yet? Due to not good internet I have to wait until it comes out on DVD, but I'm super excited. Maybe we should watch it together? ;)


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