Spotlights #3 |If The House Burns Down Tonight|

8:28 AM

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Hola readers!
I like Switchfoot - a lot. Ask my sister Korin and she will tell you that she threatens to hide my CDs since I have them on repeat much of the day. It'a true - their new album has been one of my favorite CDs this year so far and I eagerly take in their beautiful, sometimes soulful lyrics.
But one song stuck out to me more then the rest this week and I think I can make claim that it is my favorite on their current album: If The House Burns Down Tonight.

| The smoke tries choking the pacific sun
We rocket down the road like we're shot out of guns
And if the house burns down tonight
I got everything I need with you by my side
Holding you and the wheel and it occurs to me
We're driving down the edge of eternity
And if the house burns down tonight
I got everything I need when I got you by my side
And let the rest burn
And let the rest burn |

I have both good and bad memories stored up in this house my family has lived in for over ten years. I have letters saved from when I was five years old collected in a a Paris themed box, the lid almost coming off it's so full. I have boxes of photos stacked around my bedroom, many taken on camera film when those things still existed, the lighting bad but the subjects beautiful.
And then there's my stories on my laptop, ones I worked hard on all through High School. Could I say, "thy will be done" with those manuscripts as I finish the edits on When Darkness Rises?
Could I say, "God, you could take it all from me now and I would be still praising you?"
My world's been dark before, but I've never had to deal with losing everything.
Am I as close to God as I need to be or am I only relying on Him most of the time? Do I truly take the time to see how much He should mean in my life?

| And all those lies that mattered most to me
Were draining me dry making a ghost of me
And if the house burns down tonight
I got everything I need, everything I need
There’s a fire coming that we all will go through
You possess your possessions or they possess you
And if the house burns down tonight
I got everything I need when I got you by my side |

These questions haunted my all week as I lay in bed with a cold or as I took time to read my Bible (you have a lot of time to think when sick, I've learned). And as I listened to the song for the thousandth time.
Do my possessions posses me? Do I realize, truly deep down realize who my life belongs to? That nothing is really mine?

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4 of your thoughts

  1. I LOVE Switchfoot! I never give them enough credit but really, they're one of my favorite bands. their album Vice Verses practically saved my life. I love it so much.

    that song is a good one too. If Im being honest with myself, I would be devastated to lose everything. this song brings out all those things I wish weren't true about myself. but Im working on them.

    great post :)

    1. Switchfoot - yesss!!! I am in love with their music and they've helped me overcome a lot of things - especially as a young teen, I found them highly inspiring.
      I love meetings fans because honestly there's not enough of them! Haha.
      Thanks for commenting Faith! ♥

  2. Oh, I haven't heard Switchfoot in a super long time! I have to go listen to them, especially now that you've piqued my interest with this beautiful song.

    And this song is very thought-provoking.

    1. Ohhhh my you should listen! Their new CD is my favorite of their's so far and I'd love to know what you think. ♥


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