Things I Learned While On My Internet Break {AND Something you SHOULD Join}

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Hola readers!
Back in December I took an impromptu internet break - one highly unexpected but certainly a God-thing. I'd felt for awhile I needed to go on one, but continually tried to convince myself that I'm not addicted to social media or my computer.

And I'm not. But I did learn something while on a break.

1. I don't need the internet to be happy and I don't get bored without it on a normal day.

I read, made up blog posts in my mind, listened to the radio, took pictures, watched Full House, worked on exercising, and yes, I read my Bible. I took some serious time in the Word and I definitely felt the effect.

2. I don't need social media to be happy.

This is a lie social media brings into our lives. "You need me to be happy and to keep you busy." To a point that can feel true. I stay in contact with my far away friends by using Facebook messenger, Gmail and blogger. I google the content of movies for my siblings when they have a PG-13 rating and I research for my writing (and where places are hiring as I'm looking for a job).
But I don't need to the internet to be happy. I got what I need right here even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it.

3. I don't understand the texting hype.

I just don't. I used me and my sister's smartphone while on the break so I could keep in contact with my friends and keep them updated when I was in the ER. But I don't like it. Cell phones confuse me and I prefer a keyboard over a touch screen.

4. I'd miss blogging if I had to give the internet up for good.

I didn't realize this until I didn't blog for a month, and then I found myself thinking of posts I wanted to do, things I was learning I wanted to share. I missed this part of my internet world and I think this one realization was the best for me.
Blogging can be my therapy and it has been since I was twelve. It's where I ramble about movies, confess my failings, show you I'm far from perfect but in love with a perfect Savior, and write lists. I'm beginning to see how much I enjoy listing as well. ☺

5. God should be #1 and I must read the Bible every day.

I need time with God - more then I realize. I'm beginning to see that winter is a time I start to get depressed and wonder if God is there. It's the time I get frustrated about my life and hate that I can't go outside and do things.
So I read my Bible more. I pray at night before bed, alone in the dark and ask God to show me He's there. I didn't begin the day on the computer or end it there either. I prayed. And prayed. Prayed for wisdom and for Him to speak in my life and through me.
Last winter I really began to struggle around the middle of winter as I had nothing to do but school work, and I was seeing or talking to none of my friends or even able to get to church because of the snow.

I needed God-time. He should be #1 in the craziness of my life. I've begun to see that I don't get as depressed or feel as dark when I take the time to read my Bible.

I highly encourage you to take a social media break or a break from a social media site you're addicted to. Get off instagram, Pinterest, snapchat or facebook. Take time off Netflix or blogging.
Go on a fast.
This can be one of the best things ever and really sets your priorities straight. My friend Alyssa does one every so often and really seems to enjoy it when she does.
And if not, just remember - friends, family and God above is more important then snapchatting your bestie or keeping up with an actor on twitter. Life get's dull and it's easy to use social media as a crutch.
Don't. Use God to lean on.

Have you ever take an internet break? How did you feel you grew from that?

And by the way, if you would like to fill your FB feed with inspiring, fun encouragement then allow me to invite you to join Delight. It's for young adult Christian ladies and they're all ready to admit their imperfect with a perfect Jesus. On the group we pray for each other, do live videos, share songs that have inspired us, and are just vulnerable with each other.
It's a beautiful thing and please comment below with your FB link and I'd love to friend you and allow you to join!

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  1. hm. I've been thinking about this for some time...and I really want to do a internet fast sometime.

    "Cell phones confuse me and I prefer a keyboard over a touch screen." ME. I just got a phone (probably 6 months after the last of my friends), and I still can't make sense of the keyboard, haha!

    1. You should - it'll be one of the best things and I've found I love them!

      Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one - many of my friends love their touch screens and I feel a bit alone. It's good to know I'm not. ;)


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