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I was a pretty big fan of "Divergent" when I first read the book last year (though please don't mention the last books...), and I was excited to see the movie two weeks ago while at my grandparents. I don't remember the book perfectly since in fact it was a year but I remember it well enough to go into comparative mode. So let's get on with this post (and feel free to give your opinions at the end - I want to know what you thought of Divergent!)...

Book vs. Movie
I actually really found myself enjoying book version of Tris even though Tobias ruled in my "favorite characters" category of the books. She starts out weak and fights to get to the top. She slowly becomes a Divergent at heart in both the book and movie when before she never handled weapons, and the movie (in my opinion) did her character justice. Of courage my main problem for her character was the fact that when the book and movie first came out I heard a lot about her on Pinterest and the web so I already had her pretty much figured out from fans...

Book vs. Movie
*Ahem* Yes I am one of those girls who love Tobias but it wasn't the actor's good looks or charm that won be over from the beginning - it was the book character. Veronica Roth did an amazing job with him and how she made him so human with his fears. It was his fears that blew me away, that made me admire him and cheer him and Tris on. Plus that little talk he has with Tris about wanting to be each of the factions...in LOVE!
 I have to admit, I enjoyed his character so much it was probably why I trudged onto the last book, and while the movie Tobias wasn't quite like the book, I still loved him!
I guess I'd seen him from Tris's point of view before so the movie couldn't portray him like they did in the book because we weren't in Tris' thoughts and we had to form our own opinions. Otherwise I still love Tobias - both book and movie!

The book vs. movie in general

Again, I was a fan of the book which I knew would put me at odds with a lot of the movie simply because I'd already pictured it. BUT I will say the book and movie stayed extremely close together and I was pleased with them keeping everything generally the same. However, sometimes I think the creators of the movie thought they needed it a little more violent. During the capture the flag game was it just me or did they use paint balls in the book? I think they did but I've read so much Dystopian so the little details are foggy, but in the movie I found the violence a little more intense and the gunning down of people a little too violent for my taste. I know people loved the violent aspect of it but honestly I thought they could have played it down a little.
And I wanted to get to know Tris' friends more like we did in the book - the suicide scene of one of her friend's as well as the betrayal didn't cut it like it did for me in the book. But then again I know that in the book I didn't expect it, so I was at a disadvantage two weeks ago when I sat down at the TV to see such a faithful movie adaption.
And random but the movie mom was nothing like I expected! Just a little side note...
But anyway (why do I keep using this phrase? haha), while I enjoyed both the book and movie,  I think I will always appreciate the book more since it was so well written and something I connected to last summer. But both, again, were well done, and there's so many beautiful quotes and moments! The different factions was a genius idea and I loved the storyworld we're brought into - I loved this a lot more then Hunger Games, I'll just be honest!

What did you think of Divergent - assuming you've read or watched it? Do you agree that Divergent rules over Hunger Games? Let's talk!

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  1. Hey Vanessa! I accidentally deleted your comment - so sorry!!!!!

  2. I haven't read these books, but I 100% like these (as stories) better than The Hunger Games. (There's just something about characters in an arena "killing" each other, ya' know.) These seemed (to me) so "unfussy" in comparison to most YA stories and I REALLY appreciated that the romance, while complex at times, wasn't wishy-washy (it seems more mature) or about a love triangle.

    ...and I heart Four as well. *Swoon*

    1. YES YES YES! I really wasn't a huge fan of the arena and all the killing - the violence was just overdone in Hunger Games. BUT in Divergent I enjoyed the romance and the beautiful storyworld and just the overall story itself.


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