Kara's Confessions #2

7:41 AM

A Blog Series where I get real about some things that I tend to not want to be honest about, and maybe some fun things I have a hard time admitting.

Hola readers! 
While I'm on a roll with this series, I thought I'd continue it with part two of the confessions.

• There's no excuse for vulgarity. Sorry, there just isn't

One of my favorite bands to worship to

• Worship music is my lifeline - I'm really tired of seeing blog posts condemning the lyrics, style and pretty much everything about it. 

• I'm not going to tell you "I kissed dating goodbye" or "I'm dating Jesus" or even "I don't date - I court". I'm tired of hearing that. What I want to hear is, "I'm seeking a God-centered relationship - one where me and my boyfriend/girlfriend are continually seeking His will." 

• And I do think that dating as a twelve year old is just dumb 

• I'd love another ear piercing (random but isn't this post all about random?)

I couldn't help myself...

• I'd like to find a perfume and actually wear it continually 

• Words come naturally to me on paper...if I'm speaking to you in person sometimes when an issue is more tricky it can get messy. 

• Skinny jeans are comfortable but I also like the ones that flair at the bottom. I realize hardly anyone (under thirty) I know wears anything but skinny jeans now (unless you're a man) and so as dumb as it sounds, I always felt weird admitting that I'm not completely pro skinny jeans. 

• I don't like pink. Long story made short, when I was ten almost all of my pants were in a shade of pink and I was so happy. After a winter of wearing pretty much all pink though, I can't stand to wear the color anymore. 

• I once wanted to join the army or police force

• I want to dip dye my hair 

• I'm uncomfortable in formal settings or where it requires me to wear something other then my converse shoes (my mom jokes I'll probably wear them on my wedding day if I get married...she's probably right haha)

Sorry again (I've been re watching Sherlock so this is on the brain), but this is me in any chaotic situations. It really is

• I don't do well under pressure or chaos 

• I use to lie - a lot - as a child. Sometimes I still struggle with deceit and I catch myself wanting to stretch the truth or get around something by saying something not really the truth. It's something I'm trying to lay down and rely on God with instead of trying to conquer this messy habit on my own

• I like to be in bed by ten

• And naps are now considered fun haha

There - around fifteen more confessions that are a bit more personal then my last post. I really feel I need to get them out, to realize that if I'm  judged, I'm judged. I still struggle with putting on a facade and being something I'm not just to match who I'm with or the setting I'm in. 
It's wrong and it's something God's convicting me of. 

Do you relate to any of my confessions? I'd love to hear about it in a comment below! 

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6 of your thoughts

  1. I love this! Confession - I like a lot of worship music, but most of the mainstream stuff I don't care for. My preferences are mostly for Audrey Assad, Andrew Peterson, Matt Maher, Rich Mullins, Jaden Lavik, Fernando Ortega, and Bebo Norman but my go-to music is not worship music. Still, I think it's rude to "bash" anything. Also, I was raised in a church where we sang Psalms a Capella so part of it is just a cultural thing. :P

    And I TOTALLY AGREE with you on relationships. Labels are confusing. God never gave us labels or guidelines for relationships in his Word because we don't need them. We have his commandments and his desires for all relationships--family, friends, romances--so yeah. THANK YOU.

    I deeply appreciate how transparent you are here. I really struggled with lying when I was younger and throughout high school. Even now, it's sometimes so tempting to tell a "white lie" or to conceal the truth or only tell half-the-truth to spare someone else's feelings. It's a struggle and like you said, I need Jesus to overcome it.

    Lots of love,
    Dani xxo
    a vapor in the wind

    1. I really like Matt Mahr too and we actually use to sing a few of his songs in church when I was younger, and I loved hearing your preferences on worship music Dani. ♥

      And thank you for being open with me - it's always so uplifting to know you're not alone!!!

  2. I have always wanted another ear piercing! I really want one in my cartilage on my upper ear. I love random! XD
    Great post! Love these! XD

    1. Ohh awesome! I just need to be brave enough to get another piercing - I have a huge fear of needles and pain and though I remember it as being pretty painless, I still cringe haha.
      Thank you for commenting!

    2. Ohh awesome! I just need to be brave enough to get another piercing - I have a huge fear of needles and pain and though I remember it as being pretty painless, I still cringe haha.
      Thank you for commenting!

  3. "I kissed dating goodby" and similar lines are just dumby; I agree!

    I'm not 100% pro skinny jeans either: some of them are just *too* skinny


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