Love Can Be So Fake

7:38 AM

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Recently I found out about two of my favorite actors (who were a couple) and nasty affair where one left the other simply because "it was time". He says he still loves her but it was time. I wanted to throw up.

Love, huh? How is that loving someone - leaving them? How is that for true love? Yeah, he doesn't really love her. Not really.

I know I've done posts about love before but I'm doing it again because really I'm sick of how the world sees love. We get into relationships and when life becomes too hard we back out. We go by feelings and say "I just can't stay with you anymore. It's time to move on." When the magical feelings disappear so do we. It's 'love is all about mushy feelings' instead of what really matters.
The world says love comes with an expiration day, get out of it while you can and move onto your next emotional high when your done.

But I say that love isn't feelings, that really loving someone has nothing to do with what you feel. I mean to a point it does. When you fall in love, that's feelings, but maybe I should say, lasting, true love isn't about feelings. I've often heard certain artists sing about love being a verb and I think that's true.

Love bears all things 1 Corinthians 13:7

Feelings can't be relied on. They just can't. We go through emotional lows and highs and if we relied on what we always feel, then we'd be led astray more then once.
The Bible says that love is patient, kind, and how it endures all things. ALL things - not the good things, not the semi hard things. No love endures all things.
Love is sticking to what you promised to do. Love is praying for someone who wronged you. Love is listening to an angry rant from a friend and then telling them what they need to hear even if they don't want to hear it. Love is letting up when a neighbor accuses you of something you didn't do and starts cussing you out. Love is what Jesus did on the cross. I imagine that moment and what he must have felt. At that moment Jesus was human and I think he was afraid. Any human would be, but he did it anyway because he loved. No matter what he loves us. He showed us love in action, that love is a verb. He is love and if we read the Bible, and follow Him we're going to love the way love was meant.
God loves us no matter what we've become or what we've done. He loves us in our messiness and He loves even when we don't love Him back. And because He loves He sent His son. He didn't just say it.

Love is action.

I'm tired of hearing about people leaving their families, their spouses, the people they pledged their lives to simply because of their feelings, because they don't feel the warm fuzzies. Saying "I love you" is easy. It't cheap. It doesn't cost you anything.

True love will cost you a lot. Maybe everything.

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  1. Lovely post, Kara Lynn! Thanks for the reminder about what love truly is. <3

  2. Soooo true, Kara. Once again you have nailed it! <3


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