Moving Target Review {A Dash Of Hunger Games In A Modern Suspense}

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Moving Target from Lynette Eason

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When Maddy and her best friend Quinn are captured and wake up on in a room with a madman, it becomes a matter of life and death. This psychopath likes games and he wants them to play - and they only win if they live...otherwise they die.
 As the clock count downs and Quinn and Maddy are thrust into the woods to survive the hunter, they wonder if they seriously can outsmart the killer and get off the island alive.

I was really excited for this third book in the Elite Guardians series from Lynette Eason and it does not disappoint. We're dealing with a hunter who takes out people - not animals - and he implants Hunger Games antics in his pursuit, letting out the victims in the middle of the woods and telling them to run, before ripping them down if they don't get far away fast enough.
I enjoyed that new twist and momentum to the book as it was unique with its Hunger Games flair - whether the author intended it to be that way or not - and I easily got right back into Maddy and Quinn's characters from the last book.
I turned the pages pretty fast in this read and was instantly swept up into this mad man's ploy who is truly insane! He thinks he's following God and obeying him but his twisted mind lies every time.

"They say love is blind but I say love sees all and still loves"

Lynette Eason's beautiful characters and strong female protagonist who can wield a weapon and knows her stuff is also enjoyable - I liked Maddy a lot. She's strong, courageous, knows her stuff but is inside a broken human. We met her a little bit before in the second book (as I said before), but now we get to see her complex relationship with Quinn first hand. The romance is sweet, the suspense edgy, and the mystery unexpected and truly pro - there's nothing simple about this book. I was always sad to have to get up and actually live life outside of the story because I needed to see who lived and died and why on earth this killer was after them!
Definitely recommend to anyone who prefers a well rounded book from this edge-of-your-seat genre!

I received this book free from Revell in exchange for my honest review.  

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