Sherlock Season 4 Review {Perhaps The Last and Most Emotional}

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Hola readers!
I. AM. BLOWN. AWAY. Fasten your seat belts as I fangirl and review one of the bumpiest, most traumatic, emotional, perhaps last season of Sherlock.

The season begins with John and Mary taking on one of the biggest struggles yet - parenthood. Little Rosie comes into the world, but a violent sweep of events takes that sweetness away - someone wants Mary dead. Sherlock happens upon a memory stick similar to the one Mary had some time ago, but John had destroyed it, keeping it out of the grasp of any who would want it....and now there's another one.
 Sherlock made a vow to always protect the three of them - John, Mary, and Rosie and he's determined to live up to that promise, however, with villains ranging from a psychopath who enjoys killing people, to a murderer that hits close to Sherlock's family, and Moriarty back?!...
With the Sherlock show you never know what's going to happen.

One of the best moments of season 4 for me

OK. OK. OK. This show threw me through a huge loop these last three days. A part of me can't believe I waited three years for something with only three episodes and another part of me is crying over the beauty and complexity of the show.
Sherlock has always had complex characters - ones thick enough to seem real life, and it continues here. Sherlock himself is not such an arrogant, junkie detective as he once was. He's emotional. He's real. And he recognizes he's human. It's so beautiful that I wanted to cry. To create such a complex character isn't normal in a TV show...not that I've seen. We usually have the likable main character not quite as messy as Sherlock.
Sherlock is an atheist, an ex drug addict who still picks up the old habit, and really hasn't even cried...or said I love you. He may or may not confess his love for someone somewhere in this season...I died in that scene....

But then he changes. He really changes and we see someone who is capable of emotion, who realizes he makes mistakes and is far from perfect. This is real life. This was so inspiring - really one day I will do a post titled, "How Sherlock Honestly Changed My Life", because God really spoke to me through the shows emotions as completely bizarre as it may sound. I'm not trying to be nerdy or odd - it is what it is.
 One of the most cry worthy scenes in Sherlock comes at the end of the second episode (The Lying Detective) and I'm going to have a Note Worthy Post on that next weekend.
And while there is a host of emotions there's also laughter - Sherlock may or may not end up in the trunk of car in handcuffs - and of course there's murder.
This season is different then the last. There's a bit more psycho going on, a touch of the feel from the Abominable Bride, and some scenes that really made you feel you were the one on drugs. The last episode became especially confusing for me, but also the most emotional (the last few scenes are priceless!). I was sad (OK. Really sad!) that Molly wasn't in it more - she's on the back cover after all. I really wanted to see Sherlock's emotions for her pan out more then before, and also we rarely see the baby which was a bit odd considering that John talked about her a lot but we never actually got to see John and Sherkock interact together with the baby...Sherlock with the baby would have been adorable beyond words.

This is just overall a mixed bag season - you get everything from confusion, to tears, to really some laugh out loud moments (my littlest sister Kailin was in bed when we watched Sherlock and said she heard me all the way in our room), and some really shocker moments. A bit of the last episode could have been cut in half, leaving more room for Molly and the love stuff, maybe a small baby scene, and just something other then a maniac killing people because she wanted everyone to know that she has no moral.
The season, despite its faults, and not near perfectness, is darker but Mark Gatniss and Steven Moffat say that they want to do more...another season at least. They don't know if it'll happen at all (in some interviews they say they doubt it), and if they do they say the gorgeous, fangirl worthy epilogue bit at the end, is a heads up that the Baker Street Boys will be back as they were in the last seasons - two best friends solving crime at 221 B. So while I may not be a huge fan of this season, I will say that is something to certainly look forward to!

Shall we fan together? Please comment so we can chat and discuss!

Parental guidance: The show is rated TV-14 for the violent content, occasional profanity and vulgarity. A man has an affair (nothing is physical but there is a lot of texting going on), there's two short conversations about sex (really don't know what was said because I fast forwarded that bit), and there is the brief innuendos. Surprisingly there's no gay references as we occasionally had to put up with in the previous seasons.   

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  1. *awkwardly responding a year later bc I just found your blog thru Ivie Brooks and I absolutely love it now :))*
    Awwww, Sherlock! My dad and I watched all the episodes (except for *cough* THAT ONE xD) together, and we enjoyed it so much. Even though there's issues, I thoroughly enjoyed all the seasons. (I'm a huge Sherlock Holmes nerd, so I absolutely love all the side references to the stories :))
    The fourth season was heartbreaking. First, the end of The Six Thatchers broke my heart, and then The Lying Detective, and then the horrible third episode, which was just a little too dark and creepy (I got so excited bc I thought Moriaty was actually alive :)) for me. The ending semi-redeemed it though :)).
    Great review! :)
    I'm really, really hoping for season five...

    1. Ahh a fellow Sherlock fan - hello, nice to meet you. <3
      And yes, I know THAT episode haha. We skipped that one as well. ;)

      AND MARY DYING WAS AWFUL. AWFUL. I cried and cried for days haha.

      I'm a fellow Sherlock Holmes fan as well and I'm so happy to meet you. Feel free to throw me a chat and we can fangirl together. <3


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