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A throw-back picture to when I was young and blogging was still fairly new 

Hola readers!
This month I'm celebrating five years of blogging and I'm super excited! It's been a wild blogging ride and I've met so many amazing people and friends through this experience. I really think blogging has become like a therapy to me - allowing me to vent, share thoughts and be myself. As odd as it sounds it really has been freeing to blog, starting at the age of thirteen (almost fourteen) and to look back at embarrassing posts. *Ahem* We won't go there.
But it has been fun! I was looking back at pictures from when it all began, like my first headers, pictures I shared and it's all crazy how much I've changed because really I don't think I'm anywhere near the girl I was back in 2012.
One of my first headers

I started out as someone just posting about what she was doing that day to (prayfully) relevant issues everyone can relate to in one way or another. I've gotten really personal in some of my posts, sharing deep, inner things I wouldn't normally.
Celebrating 40 followers around almost a year after staring my blog? I don't know for sure
But this blog isn't where it is because of me - I give the credit to you who read and God who gives me the words. You are honestly the reason that I continue blogging. Maybe that sounds vain - like I must have readers to write - but in a way that's true. I have a blog to share with others and it wouldn't be worthwhile if no one commented and shared or politely disagreed with my words. Receiving the occasional e-mail from you is always amazing and meeting new friends from my blog is a huge blessing. You've watched my vlogs on youtube, followed me on social media, commented, prayed for me, and really you are a big, big, blessing in my life. I'm so grateful for you!
Anyway, I want to celebrate five years of blogging and for all the readers who've dropped by -whether that was once or you've followed from day one. To celebrate I'm going to attempt a vlog - it's been years since my last one. Honestly I cannot remember the last time I dove into it haha. I'm actually too embarrassed to check and see my last vlog.
Drawing the winners of my giveaway I held back in 2012 late summer
However, I want to do a vlog, share some of my old, old, posts - one from each year I've blogged - and I want to have a giveaway. The giveaway is the tough part since I don't have really anything worth giving away.
That's up to you - do you have anything you would like to sponsor? It's always nice to have a way to let people know about your Etsy shop or blog and I'd have your links on the side and share your social media links and blog link in the post for the giveaway. It'd be a chance for people to learn more about you and for you to get a little recognition. But regardless if I have a giveaway, there will (possibly) be a vlog and some throwback posts this month and into the next month depending how much time I have to blog.
If you would like to give something up for the giveaway comment below with your e-mail (the comment will not be published!), or e-mail me @ youaresavedbygrace@gmail.com
Or just shoot me an e-mail to say 'hi'. I'd love to hear from you!
Thanks so much readers and have a blessed weekend!

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4 of your thoughts

  1. Congratulations first off!! You have stuck with bloggingfor linger than most of the population can! I am so happy for you! I'd love to help you with a give away but I'm afraid I don't have any ideas... I'm excited for that possible vlog tho

    1. Aww thank you Vanessa! I love to blog and it has definitely become a big part of my life - I can't wait to show you the vlog! <3

  2. Wow, five years! That's impressive, girl. Congratulations!!

    I'm looking forward to the exciting things you have planned.. If I had something I could help out with for the giveaway, I would! I know what you mean - I've been thinking of having a giveaway for years and still haven't come up with anything to give away. :P

    P.s I did join your super amazing tribe though! Can't see why it has taken me this long!

    1. Thanks so much Jessica - both for the follow and the congrats!!!

      I know the feeling! Gone are the days where there were giveaways everywhere on seemingly so many blogs. I used to know a lot more Etsy shop owners but that has changed. =)
      Thanks again for everything!


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