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This is the moment I've been waiting for all week - the moment I write a review for the semi new movie, Doctor Strange which hit theaters back in fall of 2016.
Doctor Strange is a movie this "not-fan-of-marvel" was actually excited to see, and not just because it was directed by a Christian but because Benedict Cumberbatch looked perfect for the role, and man, that costume is gorgeous.

We first meet Stephen Strange - aka arrogant jerk/neurosurgeon/atheist - helping the rich, the powerful, anyone who can boost his ego. He refuses to "help the drunks in the ER" when there's other important people he can work on. When he's in a freak car accident after roaring down the highway he barely gets away with his life much less his hands. Depressed and feeling worthless without the only thing that made him feel worthy, he doesn't believe his friend and possible-girlfriend Christine who promises this isn't the end - there's so much more he can do.
But he wants a cure - now.
Hearing of eastern medicine that "magically cures" the broken and hopeless, he flies overseas, determined to get help. But when he arrives he finds out there's much more than meets the eye...and it takes believing in something more to actually begin the mental healing...the part the Ancient One says is more important.

First off is this a movie worth hype? Do I get why people buzzed about this movie in the box-office, which boasted big viewings?
 The short answer is yes. Benedict Cumberbatch takes the role of Strange and brings about the humor and arrogant charm we see in our beloved TV show Sherlock (reviewed by me here). I tell you, Sherlock has a secret life apart from 221 B and this is it.
And there's plenty of irreverent humor to be had as well as magical fun that also comes not only from a genius actor but from writers and a director who know what they're doing. Watching Strange practice his newfound magic isn't without its often hilarious results, and I cracked up more times then I care to admit. Plus, Strange's cape has a personality of its own and deserves being called one of the cast of characters due to getting lots of laughs, as well as hilariously saving Strange's life.
Not only that but there's some strong spiritual themes rotating in this movie pointing to the Christian director that will give us something to ponder and at times made me feel strangely (pun intended) inspired.
This is the first time the evil is spiritual and not a bad guy going about to rule the world. He's very much like the devil, proclaiming he can bring us immortality and make the world as it should be, and for a moment I wonder if Doctor Strange wanted to believe him, because let's be real, that sounds pretty good and is what the Devil in our real world often whispers to us.
Strange is also learning that there's more to life than meets the eye. We don't always need to be healed physically but spiritually and mentally, there's more to life then what we see, there's some reason we are here beyond obtaining our own fame. This, of course, goes against everything Strange used to believe. He later learns about self-sacrifice and realizes that he was saving people for all the wrong reasons. By the end of the movie I was cheering inwardly for this at times awkward doctor who is learning what's important in life.

This move excels on finding strength in our weaknesses and unlike most super heroes, Strange is nowhere near perfection (in strength or in being the kind of guy you'd want as a best friend), which I loved. This made for a more realistic Marvel movie because sometimes the sickness is ourselves and our worst enemy is at spiritual warfare with us, fighting for our very soul.
And let's be honest, not only does this movie come with gorgeous sets, costumes and soundtrack, the special affects are strange and done well despite some too-long scenes with Strange falling into nothing when the Ancient One takes over his mind near the beginning of the movie.
But sadly for all its good points, for all its beautiful moments, for the realistic villain, the New Age beliefs found in the comics continues to be a strong point in this movie. There's quite a bit of talk of mediating, drawing our inner strength and a lot of other junk I wish the director could have managed to change or take out altogether. This downside also happens to be a big one for me, because though I wasn't affected by this side, others not so strong in their faith and considering other religions, may find this neat or something to try on their own since it is a copycat of what New Agers really do believe.
This made me very sad considering how this good movie could have been great with all its good points and a protagonist we can relate to. However, I can't condone the New Age junk, making this a movie I can't recommend - highly or otherwise - and if the director and writers could have taken the magic on a different level, in a different way, I could have ended this review differently.

What did you think of this movie? Do you agree about the New Age junk?

And for all the Sherlocked people out there....

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