Grace is Greater by Kyle Idleman //A Book Review

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Kyle Idleman strives to show readers the truth of God's grace - the grave Jesus showed when he walked the earth. But we ourselves struggle to accept this beautiful grace and follow our own ideas. However, through true stories, Bible verses and insight, Kyle Idleman shows that Jesus is the answer to every problem and grace is so much greater then anything we've ever said or done.

I first learned of the author through reading gods at war a few years ago and then again in Not a Fan. I know that his humor and powerful, yet simple messages are amazing and I eagerly awaited Grace is Greater.
Kyle Idelman delivers much like he did in his other books, sharing his own mistakes and encouraging us that God is greater then my downfalls. He shares how our brokenness can be healed and how Jesus is the answer to every one of our problems.
The truth of grace isn't talked about enough in my honest opinion - I think that we as Christians often make it this complicated device and end up with a bunch of rules that God never intended. And Kyle Idleman's stories are beautiful - I love seeing an author get honest and that is exactly what we see here.
Also, a lot of people may not enjoy his sarcasm it is a down to earth moment when a theological person or someone who is a pastor just get's "normal" with us. It's the reason I've always enjoyed reading Kyle Idleman's books and he doesn't disappoint me there!
On the other hand this book didn't go quite like his other's - while amazing, compared to his books this one may not seem as amazing. Perhaps because Not a Fan rocked the world, but I don't care - while in fact I thought his other books might be better in writing style, I think the impact of this book deserves to be heard just the same.
The very last chapter spoke to me most as Kyle Idleman's words spoke to my own vulnerable brokenness. I get that grace is greater, that God is greater, but sometimes you need to hear it - not in theological form, not with complicated answers but sharing with us - in simple form - the simplicity of grace.

Note: I received this book free from Baker publishing in exchange for this review

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