Kara's Confessions #3 | Selfies, Duck Faces, and Netflix|

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Hola readers!
First off, if the internet will cooperate, you should see a vlog appear on the blog tomorrow or the day after. I recorded it yesterday but we have slow internet so I have to motivate myself to stand by the computer all day and watch it load and make sure know one touches it since I have to use our family computer (it's a confusing process - don't ask).
But because it's been awhile since I've had a Kara's Confessions, I think I'm going to go onto round three...

  • I'm really sick of our cultures constant selfie taking...after hundreds of selfies on Facebook and Instagram, I'm really just bored with seeing the same faces over and over with pretty Bible verses or quotes. I know this sounds rude and just plain mean (I love following all these people - don't get me wrong!!!), but I have to ask, "why are you posting a picture you took of yourself?" Is it to get more self esteem as people proceed to 'like' and comment and 'heart'? Really I could do a whole post on this, so I'll save it for later..

  • Pinterest can be a waste of time...or one of the best things ever. I can't tell you how much story and book inspiration crashes towards me with this site!

  • I don't like texting. I just don't. I know we've already talked about my confusion with the hype around cell phones but texting is...boring. Facebook and Google Hangout messaging is a lot better because it feels more personal but just getting on your phone and texting me...I'd rather you call me

  • Netflix isn't worth the hype. *Ahem* It really isn't. Maybe they've got more movies and TV shows on it since last time I was on there (that time may or may not have been to watch Sherlock), but I really prefer holding the DVDs. I'm old fashioned but oh well...I think Netflix is cool for a month or so of binge watching new things to check them out, but I know some people who subscribe to it all the time and I don't understand...isn't it...boring? Or maybe I'm just picky about what shows I watch....

  • I only go on Facebook because of Delight. BEST. THING. EVER. Really, google Delight and Be and check this out! It's for young adult ladies and I am in love with the Facebook group! CHECK.IT.OUT. 

  • I am a letter writer fanatic! E-mail and IM is OK but write me a letter and you will get a reply in no time, with your letter perhaps full of sparkles, confetti, etc, and maybe decorated in washi tape - the whole works. 

  • The duck face is weird - I don't understand that hype either....maybe I sound so accusing in this post, and I'm sorry, but I truly just don't understand.

  • CDs will never go out of style for me!

  • Guess what? I still prefer home phones....
And now for a few things unrelated to the internet and cell phones... 

  • I once wanted to join the police force or the army

  • I normally will throw rules aside in confusing games such as this one Hobbit game me and my siblings received for Christmas. It's terrible, I know, and I've been this way for forever. When I was younger in VBS, I'd drift off into dreamland while my Uncle (who was head of the games) gave the rules and object of playing, then I'd proceed to "play" with the kids as I realized I was running the wrong direction of my team. The embarrassing thing to look back on, was I didn't even care!

  • Why do we wear jeans that show off our rear? I'm sorry for making this so awkward but I don't understand this....really I don't. I don't want to judge but this is my confession time so I feel a little more free to voice this question. I know it is supposed to make us look good but is it giving us unwanted attention? I don't know...this is just something I think we've come to accept (the super skinny jeans) that we as a culture should reconsider....I just don't understand.

And there, over ten confessions mostly related to things on the internet. 

What do you relate to? I'd love to see how we're similar with some of my confessions! 

And did anyone realize how many times I said, "I don't understand..."? I really need John Watson's shirt....

Have a great rest of your week readers!!!

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6 of your thoughts

  1. Couldn't agree more about the selfies! They are way to accepted by the general masses.
    Also, Pinterest...I waste a lot of time on there but I also find so many useful ideas!
    Letter writing is the best! I have a phone, email, etc. but nothing beats a personal letter that can touch both my and the recipients hands. :)
    Fun post Kara!

    1. They are way to accepted - I couldn't agree more!!! Nothing more annoying then going through a feed of selfies that seem very similar to the ones a few days ago...haha.
      And YESS nothing beats a beautiful, handwritten letter - nothing ever could. <3 '
      Thank you for your lovely comment Arinca!

    Seriously tho, Pinterest is great. I know its a waste of time, but like wow. I feel so inspired after being on there XD

    1. I know right? Pinterest inspires me like no other website - it's actually the first social media site I joined just because it was so fun!


    this was a great read!
    i think you have some great stands on some issues...i don't see the hype in netflix either. :)

    it was a pleasure to visit your blog!
    may you be blessed <3


    1. Oh awesome - another Sherlock fan! I couldn't help but add that - my head is full of plenty Sherlock puns haha.
      Thanks so much for stopping by Ashley! I really appreciate your comment. <3


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