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Hola readers!
This has been on my mind...

We all long for something more. It's in our DNA, embedded in the way we live, in our very existence. I look around me and see so many longing for eternity and they don't even realize what they're searching for or why. We long for happy endings in our movies and television, to see evil conquered in fake worlds, when we don't realize we're longing for that in our own.

"I believe there's a higher power, something bigger then us," one actor said in response to an interview question in Parade.

But he's not a Christian. He doesn't believe in God...but from the sound of it he knows there's something. And that something just might be God...

"I believe in God but right now I don't have time," another said in response to another interview I stumbled upon. And one day he'll wake up and realize he has no time...and it will be too late.

We all believe in something more and yet so many of us fall for Satan's lies that we're either too wicked to come to the cross or we can become our own gods, that good and evil don't exist. And slowly we accept both lies not realizing that this longing for something more is only what a God, a higher power, could give us.
And sometimes we become like Sherlock, too prideful, too smart, to see that a God could create us. We feel that we came by chance, a speck in the universe that must make its way to the top. When really we're so much more...and only because of the loving God who created us.
We fan over superheros in flashing outfits and big muscles, ones that promise to save the world, that keep us safe...without even realizing that we're longing for the one man, God's Son, who already did that for us. We're just watching an imitation....

He takes us as we are, loves us as we are, longs to take us home. We don't want to realize we're longing for home. That we're not made for this world. But inside we do. That much is safe to say.
Why is the fantasy genre so popular? Why do we eagerly watch movies with strong mystical, spiritual themes? As Tolkien and C.S Lewis liked to say, Christianity is myth that's true.

It has all the makings of a good story - a spiritual world, a battle between good and evil, a once perfect world invaded by the prince of demons who was once an angelic being. And of the Son of God, coming down to die on a cross for the sins the world committed and he had done nothing to deserve such horrific, rated R punishment. Then he rose again and promises that one day we will all live with him in eternity. All we have to do is believe and we will be saved. All we have to do is follow him and he will change us forever.

And this story is true. It's one that we all long for, the part of us that long for something more. It really is in our DNA, this story. Deep down we know that this is true. I don't think anyone can deny that there feels like there's a higher power at work. You can say God progressed into godhood, that Jesus is separate from God, that he isn't perfect, that he didn't come back to life, that there's just an invisible power around us and not God, but I think no matter what religion you are or even if you're atheist, you believe in something and that something always points to God - no matter how wrong.
Even the god of some of the Native American beliefs sounded achingly similar to the true God. In myths such as Beowulf, Greek myths, or myths in general there's always a tale of good and evil.
A story line so similar to the true one.

I just feel that we all know, all sense the God of the universe whether we care about Him or not, because the way we're currently going, isn't helping us. We're still empty despite fame, despite sex, despite drugs, despite cell phones and having info at our fingertips.

 And I think this is reason enough to search Him out, the true form of Him, not a cheap imitation.
Because one day it'll be all over and we'll stand before God and wonder why...why we continued living as we did, why we didn't live for eternity.

 Note: First two pictures from a few years ago with my old camera

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  1. Right on Kara! Hebrews talks about God writing His law on everyone's hearts and Psalm 19 says "The heavens declare the glory of God." I agree that in some way shape or form everyone knows there is an all powerful "thing out there" but most refuse to acknowledge Him.

    1. YES YES! I think it's amazing how even the skies declare the glory of the Lord - that the very creation He made is evidence that He is real. It's so sad to hear people reject Him though or simply say they're too busy to invest their lives in their Father.

  2. A truly powerful post! I enjoyed reading this. I think everyone has some drive to go into the direction of God but resistance can be powerful!

    1. YES the devil is super powerful and sets up so many road blocks that we sometimes turn around or forget it. It's especially hard to watch friends and family be the "we" and feel powerless to help them.


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