Kara Confessions #4 |Movies, Books and Tattoos|

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Hola readers!
After my first week of college I feel like I'm finally able to catch my breath. It's been a crazy last few days and honestly I'm so glad to be able to blog today and just do something that won't make my brain  hurt.
Today I'm doing a Kara's Confessions post because I enjoy being honest, hearing your feedback and just doing something fun and different then the norm around here.

  • I wasn't sad when Morgana went evil in Merlin. Try as I might, I never liked Morgana - pitied her yes, liked her no - and I felt the plot thickened beautifully after she went on the dark side. I actually didn't like the show Merlin until season 3 because I'm a sucker for complex characters and that's when it all began to happen. 

  • Why does everyone watch The Walking Dead? I don't understand. I just don't. If anyone would care to explain, I'm up for it. 

  • I actually liked Robin Hood Season 3. Again, this may surprise fans, but I didn't say I loved season 3, but I enjoyed some elements: Meg, Guy joining the gang, Isabella, Prince John, etc, etc - just not Kate. If Kate had left and Marian had been a part of it somehow (kinda like Mary continued to be a part of season 4 after she died in Sherlock), I'd been a lot happier. 

  • Sadly I normally enjoy secular movies and television better then said Christian. This makes me sad because I have nothing against Christian movies. I love them. I love Courageous and October Baby and others, but my favorite TV show is Sherlock and a few of my fave movies are The Giver, Maleficent, Jane Eyre, North and South BBC, etc, etc. 

  • But I do enjoy Christian books. I actually love them a whole lot better then Christian movies. They're so much more diverse. Hand me a Denise Hunter book any day!

  • Mcygyver get's on my nerves. I don't even know if I spelled his name right or if anyone cares. This is just a show I can't really stand to watch and I thought it should go into my confessions since I know people who love him.

  • The Cross and the Switchblade movie really opened my eyes to drugs when my mom allowed me to view the movie with her years ago.

  • I like tattoos - I'm talking the ones with beautiful significance. Read my post about them here

  • I enjoy wearing steampunk jewelry. 
I couldn't help but post this because I could never bring myself to bare the agony heels

  • I wear converse all. the. time. With dresses, to church, outside, shopping, everywhere. I have converse meant for winter and converse meant for summer and when I'm not wearing my books because of the snow or extreme cold or my moccasins for a change, I'm wearing converse.

  • I dream of seeing Switchfoot in concert. AND the reason I'm bringing this up is because I just saw that they're touring with Lifehouse which made me so happy. Now if I only they'd come to my state! 
Do you relate to any of my confessions? I'd love to chat about The Walking Dead, converse shoes or anything else on the list! Have a lovely weekend, and I will have something a little more thought-provoking possibly on Monday if I can take a break from studying. 

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4 of your thoughts

  1. Converse are amaze balls, and I totally get you about the whole Christian book/movie thing! I love so many Christian books, but there just isn't the verity within Christian movies.
    elissa. // letters-to-jayna.blogspot.com

    1. Converse are amazing!!!! I love love them!!!!!!

  2. I like these honest posts. :) I really enjoyed reading The Cross and the Switchblade a few years ago - and it enlightened me too. Have you read or seen Run, Baby, Run?

    I wish I had the courage to ask about people's tattoos more often. I know they often have stories behind them, and what's better than hearing people's stories? But it kind of seems too personal, I don't know.

    Glad to hear you survived the first week of college, and I hope it continues to go well for you! :)

    1. No but I'd like to see Run Baby Run - I saw it on CBD.com awhile back and told my mom about it.
      Thanks so much - so far so good. I've passed two tests and while I may not be a star student, I'm going from having my own schedule and being home schooled to timed stuff so doing even slightly well makes me happy haha.


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