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Nikki is finally flying home and as she takes up a friendly conversation with the lady next to her, the plane suddenly crashes at the airport. Shaken, Nikki finds that the woman she'd just spoken to has disappeared and no one will admit that she was there. Diving into a little investigation, Nikki learns the lady is Erika Hamilton - a key witness in an upcoming grand jury trial and she can't help but wonder if this means the lady is now in trouble. Before Nikki even greets her family after her trip, she's pulled into another dangerous case.

I have read Lisa Harris' previous books in this little series and enjoyed every one. Each book can be read as a stand-alone without missing too much. There's little romance so you don't have to pick up on too much from the other books either, and every mystery is unique and paced to leave you wondering what will happen next. However, this isn't anywhere near high-suspense and isn't quite like Terri Blackstock's fast-paced books, but I think by the last page any reader will be satisfied with the beautiful ending and Tyler and Nicki's sweet and at times subtle romance.
This was a very good conclusion to the Nicki Boyd files and I highly enjoyed each of them and learning more about the same characters and finding depth to their relationships. I kinda consider them a little bit of Nancy Drew for adults which I find highly neat, and I think this book is for anyone looking for a slower paced romantic suspense.

I got this book free from Revell in exchange for my honest review

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