The Sunshine Blogger Award

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Hey everyone! First off, thanks so much to sweet Emily for tagging me in the Sunshine Award - I really appreciate it! ❤❤

~ Rules ~
 ~Answer 11 questions from your nominee
~Tag 11 bloggers
~Ask them 11 new questions

~ Questions ~

~ What is your favorite devotional book? My favorite devotional book? That's tough because I have so many! This isn't really a devotional book but I loved Not a Fan from Klye Idleman as well as anything from Lacey Sturm
~What are five of your favorite blogs? Princess Faith, A Purpose and a Promise, Letters to Janya, GoTeenWriters, and Apples of Gold but really I like all the blogs I comment on and don't really have a huge favorite
~What is your favorite book, music artist/band, and movie? My favorite book is Jane Eyre, favorite band is Switchfoot and favorite movie is probably anything from LOTR and North and South BBC.
~ Is there a story behind your blog's name? Not really - I just remember flipping through my Bible and trying to find a verse that stuck out to me. When I found the one where it talks about being saved only by grace alone, I was instantly hooked since there's so many religions that talk about works and how to "make your way" into heaven.
~ What question would you ask your favorite author is you had the chance? My favorite author is Robin Jones Gunn (hands down) and I think I would ask her how she creates characters that so many people can relate to and love, which is a goal of mine for my own books. I love how she has all these series intertwining the characters and I want to be able to do that.
~What is the last movie you saw, and how did you like it? The last movie I saw was Rogue One and I actually enjoyed it more then I thought I would. The main characters were amazing and K was so lovable as much as a robot can be. Not a Star Wars fan/nerd but I actually enjoyed it. 
What is one tip you would give bloggers who are trying to reflect Christ in all their posts? To just continue with that mind-set and blog from your heart - don't worry about what everyone else is doing, which is something I struggle in daily. Honestly if you just blog with the mind-set that you want Christ to reflect all you do, and you continue to pray that that goal is reached, you're on the right track.
~ What are your three favorite books that you own? That would be Jane Eyre, The Giver Quartet, and my Sherlock Holmes stories collection 
~ What is one of your best memories from 2017 so far? Probably signing up for college classes and getting to talk to my coach for the first time. I also enjoyed watching Sherlock series 4 for the first time and the memories surrounding that because it brought up a lot of issues for me as I was considering school.
~ What is your favorite Christian Living post that you've read/posted in the last month? I'd say my post "To The Girl in the Mirror." It was a highly personal post for me and I normally don't go that deep when it comes to what I'm feeling at that exact moment.
~ Do you own any signed books? Only two - my mom won a Melody Dickerson book for me about five years ago and I had it signed. The other one is a used book I got called GoTeenWriters and luckily it was actually signed and I had no idea.

Thanks so much again Emily for tagging me! The questions were so much fun! Here are my eleven questions for the tagged.... =)

1. Who is your favorite character from literature? 
2. You're the main character of the last movie you watched - who are you?
3. What are you wearing right now?
4. Do you own any signed books?
5. Favorite summer drink?
6. A movie you thought you'd hate but enjoyed?
7. Least favorite chore as a child?
8. Something on your summer bucket list?
9. Something you want to do before your birthday?
10. A talent you wish you had?
11. Favorite blog post of 2017 so far that you or someone else wrote?

I tag:
Vanessa Best @ Simply Me
Julia @ The Barefoot Gal
Grace Anne @ Totally Graced 

And anyone who wants to do the tag - have a lovely week! 

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  1. The story behind your blog is pretty awesomene. I love how the title and phrase just came to you. Thanks for tagging me! I'll hopefullyget around to it.

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers to this tag! :)


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