To The Farthest Shore {A Book Review}

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It broke Jenny Bennett's heart when Ryan suddenly left her six years ago with no explanation. Now he abruptly reappears at the Presidio Army base without explanation. Lt. Ryan Gallagher had accepted a highly classified overseas assignment at great personal cost. Bound by honor, he must never reveal where he was during those years. Will she forgive him when he can't be honest with her?

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I'm always up for a story with a setting by the sea and this one is BEAUTIFUL in both setting and story-telling. There's slight mystery, a sweet endearing romance, and a light read overall. I enjoyed reading something on the peaceful side for a change and the main character, Jenny really intrigued me as well as her love interest Ryan. Both are unique, complete, well-rounded characters whom I loved and I have to admit that I loved Jenny's past, how she's haunted by it and seeking forgiveness but doesn't know how to obtain it. I also loved her spunk and street smarts!
I also enjoyed Ryan's character growth - a shy man whose quiet personality first captured Jenny's heart. He's a man with a past he doesn't want anyone to really figure out as he avoids her probing questions about why he abandoned her so many years ago. I loved trying to solve with Jenny why he did what he did, and found that To The Farthest Shore is an enjoyable read even for me who usually loves her high suspense. It was a nice break from a fast-paced world and I think any fan of romance would enjoy it as much as I did.

Note: I got this book free from Bethany in exchange for an honest review

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